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August 13, 2008

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: It's very playable and not very long. So you need to -- I think the emphasis should be on hitting the fairways this week.

Q. Are you spending a lot of time now on getting your putting, something that's kind of been demonic for you.
VIJAY SINGH: I'm working on it. I'm working the best to my ability to fix it, you know, and I think it's improving. It's a step but it's improving.

Q. Is it harder to tell because you guys haven't played this course to figure out what it's going to take to win this thing?
VIJAY SINGH: Getting pretty bouncy before the rain came. I think this is going to soften the fairways a little bit. The fairways are not very wide plus there's a lot of blind shots into the fairway so I don't think any golfer likes to hit a blind shot. We've got quite a few on the front side.
This is knowing that the ball is going to stop a little bit quicker, this is going to widen the fairways for us.

Q. So much for this course and also for Forest Oaks where the tournament used to be played was kind of a word of mouth among you guys to say, hey, come play Greensboro kind of thing.
Does this course kind of tell a story for itself that you can go around if you enjoyed your visit here and your play here that you can tell other golfers that this place isn't so bad after all?
VIJAY SINGH: It's a fun golf course to play. I think everybody can enjoy it over here. It's not very long so you don't really need, you know, to hit driver every hole. A lot of guys coming over here -- it's a tight enough golf course where you can enjoy it as well. It requires attention and there's a lot of tricky holes out there. It's got a lot of variety.

Q. Are you a fan of Donald Ross golf courses?
VIJAY SINGH: All Donald Ross when he did design, it was good. I think there's not too many of those around, very few that what he wanted a golf course to be is around nowadays. It's always been redesign and redesign, Donald Ross golf course name on.

Q. You played great at Firestone. How confident are you headed to the playoffs?
VIJAY SINGH: I'm pretty confident. I'm hitting the ball really well, which is good, tee to green I'm really well. I'm working on my putts a little bit. I feel good about the way I'm swinging the club.

Q. Are you close with the putting?
VIJAY SINGH: It's getting there, yeah. I'm always close.

Q. So I saw you working with "Junior" out there. Can you talking about the relationship maybe he can help you with your game?
VIJAY SINGH: I hope so. He's helped quite a few players. Why not me?

Q. What do you get out of the Pro-Am? Obviously the guys playing with you it's a thrill for them. What do you try to get out of it for yourself?
VIJAY SINGH: You try to go out there and really look at the golf course and play a serious practice round. At the same time, you meet three good friends, four good friends. Today was a good time out there. At the same time I saw the golf course in pretty much playing condition. So it's a serious practice round for me.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about golf, a question to make it an Olympic sport in the future. You support that, do you think it's feasible? Would you want to play?
VIJAY SINGH: I mean you have basketball. You have tennis. Why not golf? I mean I'm surprised. They have horses in the Olympics. It's supposed to be a human sport yet there's equestrians going on there. I think golf would be a great thing for the Olympics.

Q. Can you squeeze it in, given the Ryder Cup qualifying, FedEx? How hard do you think it would be to make it work?
VIJAY SINGH: Once in four years. Why not? Everybody's got two weeks.

Q. Playing a Donald Ross design on the PGA TOUR, that's usually reserved for the Majors.
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I mean like just earlier on it's a Donald Ross golf course when he designed it but it's not a Donald Ross golf course right now. It's been redesigned so many different times.
I would like to know what Donald Ross golf course really was when he first designed it. I don't think the greens were this severe or the fairways like this. They must have redesigned a lot of the holes.
I have a few in Jacksonville where I love playing it but they're at their original state and nowadays, you know, it's never in the original state. You know, just look at last week. That never was a Donald Ross designed golf course.

Q. Thank you for your time.

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