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August 12, 2008

Jie Zheng


J. ZHENG/N. Llagostera Vives
6-7, 6-1, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It's a very tough job for you because it's a long time playing in the singles competition. Will it affect your doubles this evening? We can see that the fans are quite enthusiastic at your competition. Do you have any opinions on their hospitality? What kind of opinions or suggestions do you want to give to them?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) I know that the competition today and this evening are very tough. These two games are quite close, so it will consume some energy.
It is different from the Grand Slams which will have a longer time for me to adjust. But before the Olympic Games we had one month's training, which has provided sufficient energy to me, so I'm not affected by the singles. I think that the doubles will not be affected.
Yesterday evening and today's competition is really very tough, but I have gained great support from my fans. But some fans may not be familiar with the requirements of the tennis games. Sometimes they may cheer too early, which will interfere with the players. I hope that next time maybe they can pay attention to that.
I would like to thank them for cheering me on in such heat and also such a long match, three hours of competition.

Q. Compared to yesterday, your competition with the Japanese player, you said it would be a tough one for you and you could not afford to lose in the game. Today's situation is very similar to yesterday's. How do you adjust and encourage yourself to play well? How do you try your best to win this? In your third round you will meet Safina, which will be a very strong opponent. What will be your expectations for your next round singles and doubles?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) As you have said, today's game, compared with yesterday's game, it's very similar. In the first set, actually I had a lot of opportunities, but it's a pity I didn't manage it well.
In the most difficult times, I tried to insist, and also gained great support from my fans and spectators, who always are with me even in such great heat. So their insistence and their support has become the great motivation for me to continue my game.
As to your second question of my meeting with Safina in the third round, actually I have played her in the French Open. From the French Open up till now, she is on the rise. I think in a third-round matchup with Safina, I will try to take advantage of my opportunities and I hope I can insist and keep on going for my third round.

Q. Would you make a comment on the facilities in this tennis center as far as the speed, the bounce. Will it help you to win a game or is it a hindrance for you? Has anything happened with your energy, for instance, if you have consumed too much of that, will you give up the game or keep on going?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) As to your first question about the tennis center here, I think it was one of the excellent centers in the world, both in terms of its hardware and software. I think as a Chinese player, I'm pleased and proud to have such a tennis center.
The ball is bouncing a bit high, but the speed is not very fast. Personally I do not prefer such kind of a court. I like a faster and flatter court.
As to your second question, I think it's really hard to say because this is an assumption. The Olympic Games is held every four years, so it's really hard for you to easily give up. Before the game I have saved a lot of energy, so I don't think it will be a problem.

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