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August 11, 2008

Andy Murray

Jamie Murray


4-6, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Andy, are you happy or disappointed by the way your day went?
ANDY MURRAY: My guess is mixed, isn't it? I didn't play particularly well in the singles, and lost to the better player today. Doubles, I thought we deserved to win the match. And I thought we both played very well.
So disappointed with the singles, but I was happy with the way we played in dubs.

Q. Jamie, was there something you could say to Andy after his match to sort of pick him up? He was sort of transformed in the doubles, playing so much better.
JAMIE MURRAY: Not really, no. I just kind of I guess let him do his thing and I guess not get in his face too much or get so fired up, just let him deal with it.

Q. Andy, you say yourself you're disappointed with the singles. What do you put it down to? Is it the conditions? One of those days?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I don't want to make any excuses about the conditions. It's exactly the same for both of us.
You know, I had chances. In the first set, I served for the first set and didn't take it. When I got myself back in the tiebreak to go 6-5 back on serve, I double-faulted. I think at 4-All in the second set, I had Love-40, maybe four breakpoints in that game.
So, you know, I definitely had chances. But, you know, he played better than me on the big points. I thought, you know, to be fair to him, he played some very good tennis. You know, I didn't play my best. So he deserved to win.

Q. Could you both assess your opponents' performance. Nestor didn't seem like the No. 1 player in doubles out there. Do you also think that?
JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I thought he was probably the best player on the court, to be honest, for quite a while. I think, you know, he didn't really miss too much, to be honest. He served well. You know, he covered the net pretty well. He had some good reflexes. He put pressure on us.
I wouldn't say he played a bad match at all. It was a very close match. I think it would be very unfair to say that he was the reason that they lost the match. I think that wouldn't be right at all.

Q. Your coach obviously knows them a lot because he coached both of them in Davis Cup for Canada. Did he prepare you specially for that match or just your usual game plan?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, you know, he helped I guess more me 'cause, you know, Andy's obviously concentrating on singles. But he knows a lot about how they play. He coached Daniel for a long time. I guess he knows how he plays inside out. He gives us a few tips about them. To be honest, he was right on the money with what he said.
You know, I guess any sort of extra information you can get on your opponents, can maybe help you. One or two points here or there can turn the match. You know, we managed to get through in the end.

Q. What did you do between the two matches to pick yourself up?
ANDY MURRAY: I grabbed some food and then slept for about half an hour in one of the massage rooms, and then warmed up for about 15, 20 minutes, did a lot of stretching, made sure I drank a lot. You know, it was obviously very humid out there. Lost a lot of fluid.

Q. How do you recover from two matches in one day before your next doubles? At Wimbledon, it was sushi.
ANDY MURRAY: I think they do have it, but I haven't had any of it yet. Yeah, just try to get a good night's rest and make sure you eat a lot of food. You know, I don't know what time we're playing at. But try to get a long lie in. You know, I mean, it's difficult, but you just try and do all the right things.

Q. Can you explain what happened at the end of the first set in your singles with the Hawk-Eye situation.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, basically I hit the serve off the net cord. The lines judge called it good. The umpire didn't overrule it. I didn't know exactly what had happened. So I said I wanted to challenge the call. Then the umpire said that the other guy, my opponent, needed to challenge it. So he did. Then the machine didn't work on the court. But he said that, wherever the room where they use the Hawk-Eye or they get it on the monitor in there, he said it showed that the ball was out, you know, which is fine.
But, you know, I think in the past -- I don't really know exactly the rules; sometimes the machine doesn't actually work and you have to replay the point. But supposedly they could see in the room where they had the monitor.

Q. Jamie, between Andy's singles and the doubles, did you have much of a job to cheer Andy up after his disappointment?
JAMIE MURRAY: No, we didn't even really speak too much about it, to be honest. He went to rest and stuff, and I was eating. I went out and hit a few balls before we were on. But, no, we didn't speak much.

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