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August 11, 2008

Zi Yan


6-2, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Playing the singles game is part of your Olympics. Now that you can focus on the doubles. How do you feel about that?
ZI YAN: (Through translation.) Today we did the singles game, and during the whole process, I felt quite well, except that for many attacks, I didn't do as well because I backed to the back court. So I lost many chances and actually made a lot of errors.
I think that it's important for us to participate in the singles game, but it's going to be better for the doubles game because each one of us occupy half of the court so we can use less energy. During training, we also focused on the doubles, so we have a better chance at that.

Q. You were practicing a lot of receiving serve when you were doing preparation for the Olympic Games. How will that improve the doubles chances for you?
ZI YAN: (Through translation.) Actually during the preparation, we focused on the doubles. I think that I've applied some of the skills we trained during this game, and the most important thing is to keep our own style, not necessarily add a lot of changes. So as long as we have our own styles and then add more skills, it will be good.

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