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August 10, 2008

Steve Flesch


Q. Talk about the day.
STEVE FLESCH: Well, it's not a bad way to finish. Yeah, I finally got the ball in the fairway a little bit today, but I just didn't give myself enough birdie opportunities. But I'm happy with how I hung in there. That's kind of the way I did it all day today. And I'm happy to have done this well in a Major.

Q. (Inaudible.)
STEVE FLESCH: Yeah, yeah, no, I'm happy with it. Two of my best finishes in a Major in my whole career, so I hit some pretty good shots. I didn't want to bogey the last hole, and I also didn't want to leave myself another four or 5-footer, I had enough of those this week.

Q. That was the only birdie all day.
STEVE FLESCH: Is that right? That tells you how tough the course is playing.

Q. How much did you have in?
STEVE FLESCH: I had 117 yards in. Actually laying up there, I figured it was playing 125 into the wind, and I hit a nice pitching wedge in there. And I just was making sure that I got it past the hole, and I knew I couldn't hit a pitching wedge over the green. I somehow got it on line and it worked out great.

Q. You said earlier in the week you hadn't putted very well since the Masters. Does this finish and two top-10s in a Major give Paul something to think about?
STEVE FLESCH: I think if I had a shot, you know, obviously higher than where I am, I'm going to be lucky to maybe finish fifth this week; I don't know. I mean, if a 40-year-old-guy finishes fifth and six in a Major, I don't know if that really warrants being on the Ryder Cup team. Maybe if I can win the first FedExCup event, that will give him something to think about. But I don't know. We'll see.

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