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August 10, 2008

Ben Curtis


Q. Sergio was here just a couple minutes ago and said he wasn't disappointed and that he felt like he played well and it wasn't good enough.
BEN CURTIS: I think the goal at the beginning of the week, every player in here would have said if anybody was under par, they would take it. You have to look at the big picture and obviously he's disappointed he didn't win and hats off to Padraig for the way he played. Every hole it seemed like those guys were making something.
It was fun to hear and a lot of fun to play out there in a championship like this.

Q. 17.
BEN CURTIS: You know, I hit it a little thin. You know, I hit it on the right line that I wanted to, just hit it a little thin. Just didn't have any spin on it. Think if I would have hit it solid it would have had a chance to hit the green and stay there. It was a tough lie on that chip. There was just a big bump right behind the ball. One of those things that I wanted to make sure I got it on the green to give myself a chance to make something.

Q. How would you assess your play in the final three holes?
BEN CURTIS: Over the course of the week, I think that maybe only 2-over par, 17 and 18. So I'd take that. I mean, three of the hardest holes we see out here on TOUR. I hit four good drives on 18 and I think I hit the fairway twice. It's such a tough hole to hit. I'm glad I gave myself an opportunity on the last hole to make birdie.

Q. Hearing a lot of roars for Sergio and Harrington, this is the first time coming down the stretch in a major where a lot of people were roaring for you, as well ask a lot of people were carrying signs that said, "Ben's Brigade." Did you feed off the energy there?
BEN CURTIS: I struggled in the middle of the round. They deserted me then, those guys were having such a good battle.
Definitely, a lot of support, and obviously wearing the Detroit Lions gear doesn't hurt. And everybody from here is rooting for -- obviously they want to see someone wearing a Detroit Lions hat win. It's fun to play in the Midwest, just good to play in this part of the country.

Q. How do you feel after playing 36?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I'm stiff and tired and I'm ready to fall over.
You know, it's funny because I was a little nervous before headed out it this afternoon, my back was stiff, I don't know if that was just from the cold weather but it held up nicely.
You know, I think it was tough during the middle part of the round. I think I'm not going to blame it on losing my head -- losing my focus but it was awfully tough and had to make sure I kept grinding away. Still in this tournament and that's what you play this game to do.

Q. Your demeanor is hard to gauge; it rarely changes overtly. What do you take from this week honestly?
BEN CURTIS: Huge confidence boost heading into the Playoffs. I've got three events, where I make a good run, and hopefully get in that Top-30 and I don't know where I'll be after this week, but obviously move up quite a bit.
So just looking forward to playing those last three events and trying to get on The Ryder Cup team. Got next week off and then trying to get in the TOUR Championship and then hopefully relax for a few months.

Q. What's your emotional state right now? Where are you?
BEN CURTIS: Just kind of coming down. You know, you're on such an adrenaline rush out there, that you always try to take a deep breath and just try and enjoy the moment, because you never know how many more opportunities you're going to get like this. Obviously I know I can compete, and hopefully this will carry over to next year and hopefully get a win by the end of this year.

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