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August 10, 2008

Graeme McDowell


Q. Reaction to your week?
GRAEME MCDOWELL: Yeah, it could have been a lot better. Obviously I struggled on the greens a little bit again. Same thing last week, tee-to-green I was great. Just need to get the hang of these kind of slopey, fast greens.
But it's another major, more experience under the belt, and I'm slowly and surely learning how to get around these places. I think I've played my last 45 holes in 1-under par, so I have reason to be satisfied with the week's work.

Q. Not the easiest of weeks, is it, but I think you'll come away with a lot of confidence.
GRAEME MCDOWELL: Yeah, the golf course has went through two or three different changes, Wednesday to Thursday and obviously overnight, and it's good to see the greens a little softer this afternoon and guys making a few birdies, a few cheers going up. But like I say, it's an experience game and another tough setup and I think you can only learn something about yourself and your game in general.
Yeah, it's tough, it's frustrating out there at times and disappointing, but I think it makes you better in the long run. I enjoyed it.

Q. What's your schedule the next few weeks?
GRAEME MCDOWELL: A couple weeks off and I'm playing Gleneagles, a week off, Germany, and hoping to be obviously in Valhalla in September, fingers crossed for that one.

Q. What do you think of the shape-up of The Ryder Cup team at the moment? Great to see Europeans at the top, isn't it.
GRAEME MCDOWELL: Yeah, seeing Sergio and Harrington up there, it's good to get Sergio in the automatic places, because we need to get him on the team and don't want to waste a pick on him. That's huge for the team.
I think the team is shaping up really strongly. Obviously I'm excited about it. Good buzz about it this week obviously with the American Team being picked tomorrow and it's starting to feel a bit real, and obviously I'm looking forward to seeing my name on the team sheet at some point.

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