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August 10, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. After the two doubles, to come back and shoot under par on that very difficult back nine.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I was delighted to do that. Actually made a great par on 8. I was a couple over, actually 2-over through 7, way out of position on 8, looking like I'm 3-over and looking like it was going to be a long day. But made a great up-and-down on 8, parred and, birdied 10.

Q. Ryder Cup-wise, what are your plans for the next three weeks?
JUSTIN ROSE: Oh, that's a great question. I've entered the Dutch Open and Gleneagles, and my plan was to play the FedExCup, but I don't know if I've earned quite enough points to be safe, so might have going back and play some more.
I hung in well all week. I haven't been comfortable with my game this week, and it's been a battle. And I feel like I haven't hit many good iron shots at all. So it's been hard work, and to finish around the Top-10, you know, this week my putting's been fantastic and mentally I've been much better than I have for a long, long time.

Q. What's it like when your irons are not 100% and you have to play a course like this, how much more difficult is it to stay patient, because you've been working on that all year and it's been working.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think obviously the iron play should be the easy part. Once you hit the fairway, that should be the time you get a little bit of rest. But when you're grinding over a 6-iron or 7-iron, it's a really long week.
But I putted well, my short game is superb and I holed out well. I didn't give in to too many cheap shots, apart from my back nine this morning when I made a double and a triple, which ultimately cost me a lot.

Q. What's the plan now?
JUSTIN ROSE: I have a week off in Orlando. I have not been back to Orlando for nine weeks. I've been over to Europe playing a lot, I'll put my feet up, jump in the pool, grab a few beers tonight on the way home. I'm not sure a week off is enough after this.
I think it was a good week as regards Ryder Cup, it's a significant amount of points, guessing roughly 100,000 Euros. That's going to be very helpful. Every penny counts, grinding coming down the stretch. And didn't want to finish with a double and felt like that last hole was about 900 yards long. But I got a fortunate free drop there from under the tree and managed to make five, so sometimes those things go your way, and it was nice to take advantage of that today.

Q. Free drop, reason being?
JUSTIN ROSE: Embedded cables and when we ripped the cables out of there, was a lot of GUR, ground under repair and that would have been my footing and that's one of the times the ruling goes your way.

Q. Overall, summation of your week?
JUSTIN ROSE: Overall I felt like things still are not clicking. I'm not hitting enough quality shots. My putting was beautiful this week so that's a really encouraging sign. Mentally I felt patient on the golf course, but just not taking it at as many flags as I would like to.

Q. Can you talk about this Ryder Cup, and the team that the Europeans may be putting together.
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, obviously Sergio is looking like he's cementing himself back inside the team, which I guess frees up a pick, and Nick won't have to use up a pick on Sergio.
So I think the team is shaping up really, really well right now. Ian Poulter is playing well. Paul Casey is playing really well, and so some key guys are showing some form.

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