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August 10, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. 11 and 16.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, 11 was -- really every shot I had a bad lie on, off the tee. And then the two wedge shots I had, I had two just tight wet lies, and it was just horrible and chunked both wedges. And whenever you make a hash from the hole, you invariably miss from four feet.
Yeah, I made triple there obviously, and you know, poor double on 16. Fancy getting up-and-down really from short of the green, because played it short of the hole just to give myself chance to make a par and 3-putted there. Actually I went back-to-back 3-putts on 15 and 16.

Q. Were you all right from the tee on 16? Were you close to the water?
JUSTIN ROSE: Oh, yeah, it wasn't good enough to go at the green, to bring the water into play, so I just hit it short left.

Q. Assessment of your position going into round four?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously to win the golf tournament is a tough ask from here, which is obviously another position that I wanted to be in. You know, fortunately, lots to play for still, and yeah, just try and shoot a low round, and you know, top finish is more than achievable from here.

Q. Apart from those two holes, did you find it easier, pin positions better?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't know, I still find it hard to judge the wind, hit shots in the wind. I haven't hit a good iron shot all week really, so that's been a little bit tough to make birdies.
But if you are hitting the irons well, obviously the greens are more receptive so you can get it close to the flag. So that's probably the area of my game that I don't seem to be firing on yet.

Q. It was playing softer and longer, obviously, do you think that if the breeze keeps going later this afternoon, it will speed up the track a little bit?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, not really. Not significantly enough, no.

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