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August 10, 2008

Steve Flesch


Q. Difference between when you left and when you arrived back and softer or easier, not so good?
STEVE FLESCH: Well, obviously, the greens were obviously softer and the fact that they were freshly cut and all that, they rolled perfectly. The biggest change was the 20-degree drop in temperature.
But I kind of thought we might have some calm conditions out there, but it was quite chilly and you know, once we finished six, we played seven, eight, nine, right into that 15-mile-an-hour chilly breeze, so you know, we got softer condition, but it was also colder and the ball didn't go as far. I misjudged a couple shots. Didn't give the cold air enough credit, and came up short.
My third shot on 8, my second shot on 10, I just didn't give the cold air credit. You know, it was -- you know what, if you don't drive it on the fairway, it's still not an easy golf course, no matter how soft the greens are.

Q. What do you expect this afternoon?
STEVE FLESCH: You know, I don't think the greens are going to firm up at all. They are a little bit spongy in spots. Actually we were leaving some pretty good footprints on them. As perfect as they are when you're walking out there and with spikes, whether they are soft spikes or regular, they track up a little bit.
You know, hardest part, you've got to drive the ball in the fairway. If you can get the ball in the fairway, even on the longer holes, you can at least make an attempt at getting the ball at least on the right tier of the green. I hit a 4-iron into 17 and it stuck, no problem, so for me to stop a 4-iron, that's pretty good. So I'm saying they are receptive right now.
It would really help if I could find about 30 yards on my tee ball between now and 2 o'clock when I play again.

Q. A rarity to have two lefties playing in the same group. Have you played with Phil before?
STEVE FLESCH: We've played quite a bit actually. In Canada two weeks ago, I played with Eric Axley the first two rounds and I played with Mike Weir in the third rounds, so I'm actually trying to shake these lefties. I like to play with righties because you have the whole right side of the tee box to myself. I don't like sharing my space over there. It's a little claustrophobic. That's really the main reason I was trying to make that par putt on nine so I wouldn't have to play with Phil this afternoon. (Laughter).

Q. Yesterday Kerry Haigh said as to the tough conditions, they kept waiting for rain that didn't come; does that sound like a legitimate excuse or rationale?
STEVE FLESCH: I'm no genius at course setup, but I'm sure Oakland Hills has paid up their water bill. I'm sure the sprinklers were just as good a job as any rain. Waiting for rain, I don't think that's a very good excuse. As dry as they were and as good as the irrigation system here is, I think they have control whether they even syringe them or just put a lot, two-minute pattern of water on them at night. They can control the water. They don't have to put so much water to soften them up like the rain did, but they were getting kind of brown and a little bit sketchy in spots up there. So I'm not saying it's a poor excuse, but just a little bit of water would have been better than none. I don't think we really needed to wait for the deluge we got yesterday.

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