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August 10, 2008

Charlie Wi


Q. How is the course?
CHARLIE WI: The greens are definitely softer than Thursday and Friday, but the wind direction is the same as Thursday and Friday.
I know the wind was a little bit different yesterday. So the conditions I had today were pretty similar to the ones I played on Thursday and Friday.

Q. When is the last time you had to play 36 in one day?
CHARLIE WI: U.S. Open Qualifying in Memphis but it was much hotter. It was about 90 degrees, and I was struggling coming in.

Q. No big deal, go back out there in three hours; no problem?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, get some rest, get some lunch and go back out there and do it again.

Q. 1-under is still pretty good position overall.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, no doubt about it, you probably shoot 2- or 3-under in the afternoon, I'll definitely have a chance at the title.

Q. Is there a 66 or 65 out there?
CHARLIE WI: I think so, because the greens are a lot more receptive than it was on Thursday and Friday, so I was able to fire at some pins today and give myself some chances, so I know that this afternoon, it's not going to change very much, so I think that there will be some birdies out there.

Q. Are you glad that you don't really have much time to think about that stuff?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, you know, I don't have to wait 24 hours to play. It's nice to go back out there and do it again.

Q. Did the rain hurt you at all in any way?
CHARLIE WI: No, I think it was a good break for me, because I was pretty nervous yesterday, and when we had a rain delay, it took some of the edge off, I was more relaxed when I left the golf course, and I slept really well last night.

Q. Up at five?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I was up at five this morning.
Golf, you just try to hit every shot as best as you can. That's my approach every day, major or not major, so I'll just go do the same thing that I know how to do.

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