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August 9, 2008

Steve Flesch


Q. Getting off to a good start today, then going into a delay --
STEVE FLESCH: Yeah, it would have been nice to ride that little bit of momentum that I had going, and hopefully tomorrow I can still do it. And if we've got to play almost 36 holes -- I don't really see us ever finishing 36 holes tomorrow, but one of those things where if you can play as much golf as you can and you're gone a good roll, it's fun to play.

Q. How much do you expect the course to change tomorrow?
STEVE FLESCH: That to me is the most curious thing about this delay is the amount of moisture that's soaked up. I don't expect the fairways to be that much softer because they drained so well. The greens are a little bit softer and a little bit slower. I look for guys to, one, actually have a chance of knocking it at the hole, and two, making more birdies.

Q. Did the 65 surprise you?
STEVE FLESCH: Not really because what I saw on the first couple of holes, if you can get the ball in the fairway, the greens are just soft enough where you can get at them. I kind of look for somebody to do that in the third round, and maybe in the fourth, because they cannot dry them out that much in a day.

Q. How much challenging will tomorrow be no matter how much you play?
STEVE FLESCH: It really will be challenging, because that rough, even though everything else is going to be softer, that rough is going to be thicker and heavier now. It's one of those things where you just hope you get off to a good start and you don't have to battle it anymore. It's already hard enough and we don't want it make it any harder than it is.
I'm thrilled, I got off to a great start and put myself in a tough spot on the sixth hole for my second shot, but hopefully it will work out good tomorrow.

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