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August 9, 2008

Andres Romero


KELLY ELBIN: Andres Romero, ladies and gentlemen, in with the low round thus far in the 90th PGA Championship, a five under par 65. That score also ties the competitive course record here at Oakland Hills, which is shared by seven individuals. Andres started tied for 48 the today he's now tied for 8th at 212. 2-over par, three shots out of the lead. Andres, congratulations. He will be helped by his interpreter. Congratulations on your round. Some general comments about your great play.
(Through interpreter.)
ANDRES ROMERO: I played an excellent round. Almost perfect. Yesterday I finished very nice with my round and now after this 18 holes I can't believe it, I have a chance for tomorrow and, well, I have to wait, but it's great to be here.
KELLY ELBIN: Can you please go through your seven birdies and two bogeys, please.
ANDRES ROMERO: In hole number 2 I played a perfect nine iron for the second shot, but then it goes over the green and then I 2-putted and it was very good.
Bogey on number 3. I hit a great shot, but then the approach wasn't that good. But I didn't get mad and that was good and I keep on going.
The sixth hole I hit a perfect drive, I almost made 2. It hit the flag and it stayed there. It was great. It was a great hole.
Number 7, from 7 meters, I don't know, a bird from seven meters.
Ninth hole, a three iron, a perfect three iron, just like this (Indicating), like two meters, or no, less than two meters for bird.
Number 10, three wood and a pitch. Hit it in the entrance of the green and made a great bird from there.
In 14, a monster drive and with the L wedge. And it was a great bird there.
15, bogey from the center of the fairway with the 7-iron. I tried to hit the flag, but I missed it to the right.
16, 8-iron, just two meters for birdie and that was good. That's it.
KELLY ELBIN: Thank you. Let's open it up for questions.

Q. Very nice round, congratulations. They put some water on the golf course overnight; how much differently did the course play today?
ANDRES ROMERO: The greens were a bit softer, but anyway the rough, it's tremendous and but the most important thing is I played great golf, fairways and greens, fairways and greens, the whole round and that was the most important thing.

Q. How did you make an eight yesterday on the hole? You picked up five shots on that hole today, if not for that eight you're probably leading.
ANDRES ROMERO: I played a great first shot, then a perfect 9-iron from 140 yards. It bounced in the front of the green, but like the wind blows just in the moment and it went down to the water. Then again I had tried to make a good shot, but again a lot of back spin, again to the water. And after that I got mad and I played very disconcentrated, not very concentrated the whole rest of the round. But I finished okay yesterday. The last holes.

Q. So you're saying it affected the way you played the other 11 holes and secondly, was it hard to remind yourself that you weren't out of the tournament, despite the 78 yesterday?
ANDRES ROMERO: I couldn't come back after that eight. I made a double bogey at the 18th because I was mad. And then I was almost fighting for the leader, for the lead in the tournament and suddenly I was trying to make the cut, so I was going mad the whole round the rest of the round.

Q. There was a lot of discussion through two rounds by the other players about the fairness of the golf course setup, can you talk about how you felt the course was through two round and did you think that anyway that this was possible today?
ANDRES ROMERO: I think that the setup is perfect. I like it very much. Fairways are perfect, the greens are hard, but they are good and good speed and the rough, it's a good rough, you can hit some shots from there, but I like the course and today I could make a very good round even with those conditions.

Q. Last year you came so close at the open at Carnoustie and only to suffer disappointment on the 17th. I was wondering if you could tell us how you handled that disappointment and if there is anything that he learned from Carnoustie last year that would help him in tomorrow's final round.
ANDRES ROMERO: I learned a lot after that week. I could have won in Germany and the following week I finished sixth in the Bridgestone and that helped me a lot not to, I don't know, not to go down after that loss. But that helped me a lot and after that. It was a very good experience after The Open. That Open.
KELLY ELBIN: We'll do one more question.

Q. Can you talk about the save at 18?
ANDRES ROMERO: The ball was almost in between the grass and the sand, the stance was awful, I have to grab the club checked down, and then well I hit a perfect approach.
KELLY ELBIN: Andres Romero in with 65. Thank you very much.

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