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August 8, 2008

Ken Duke


Q. What's the mindset when you get through that course? How do you feel emotionally?
KEN DUKE: I tell you what, the greens were firming up a lot. They have got to do something to get some water on them. Where they are putting the pins, there's no chance that you can get to the pin. You get 30, 40-footers, they are spiked up pretty good.
I don't think this golf course is made to play fast. If the golf course is playing soft, you can fire at some pins but today it's getting kind of crusty.

Q. How close are they to losing this golf course?
KEN DUKE: They need to put some water on it. We don't want rain but it would be easier for us to play with rain.

Q. Where do you rank this golf course today in terms of difficulty?
KEN DUKE: Well, I don't think this golf course is difficult. It's difficult now because of where they put the pins. Some of the pins, it's like mini tour golf out there. There are some mounds that they put them right in between, and it's just up over one and down another, and it's tough. Obviously you can't even get close to them.

Q. When a hole yields one birdie to the field, prior to the cut, how fair is it?
KEN DUKE: I don't know what hole that is, but --

Q. 17.
KEN DUKE: 17, yeah, you can't hold the green there. We are trying to hit 5-irons in there, and knew we couldn't get there but we were hoping to land it somewhere on the fringe to get it to stop on the green and the birdie might have been a chip-in, I don't know.

Q. It was.
KEN DUKE: It's just tough. It's a tough pin. Going in there with a 7-iron, you might get it close or you might get it on the green, but not with a 4 or 5 or 3.

Q. That's also the case for 18. How fair is that, generally speaking?
KEN DUKE: I don't think it's fair. Trying to shoot over par, I don't think that's fair and I don't think that's what they want. A fair golf course and a fun golf course is just survival.

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