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August 8, 2008

Brad Dean


Q. Talk about the course today.
BRAD DEAN: The experience was just a phenomenal experience. I think that unfortunately I -- you know, I qualified for a tournament, but that was really hard here at Oakland Hills. The golf course is really difficult.
If you don't hit it absolutely in play, in the fairway, that's what my whole issue was with two days. Today I actually played a lot better, didn't get anything out of it, but just any little thing that goes wrong and you can make a double bogey in a minute. And that's exactly what happened coming in, two doubles in a row and bogeyed 9, so.

Q. Did you pick the right part of the profession to teach?
BRAD DEAN: You know what, it is okay. It is okay. You know what? I'm going to revamp here and I'm going to do this again next year. I got a chance to go play the national championship again next year for the club pros.
There's a couple things that are going on and otherwise I'm not going to give up, I'm a competitor. And had this been the way I played today, had I played in normal section event, I would have been okay, I really would have been okay and I wouldn't have shot under par, but I would not have been many over par either.
But it just is just what the course can do to you. You hit it in the rough, I mean you just got to hack it out. And in most tournaments that we play in, you hit it in the rough and you can -- no worries, you can get it out of the rough and on the green. And with this, you just can't.

Q. It must have been cool being from Michigan, to play here, but is there a part of you that wishes you had a chance to do it on a different course?
BRAD DEAN: Next year.

Q. Is that why you want to do it next year?
BRAD DEAN: Next year.
(Laughter.) You know. No, I mean to be at home is phenomenal. And I can't take that experience away at all. And I had all my family and people from Crystal Mountain here and it was just awesome, it really was. You would have thought I was in the lead out there, with everything I did and my double bogey putts even, you know.
(Laughter.) But I wouldn't trade this for the world and I just think it's going to make me a better person and a better teacher down the road. As I said yesterday, it's going to help me tremendously in that regard.

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