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August 8, 2008

J.B. Holmes


Q. Given the conditions out there how lucky do you feel coming in with what you came in with?
J.B. HOLMES: I don't feel real lucky. I hit the ball better than that I thought. I played the front side and I shot 1-under, had 19 putts. So it was really frustrating to do that but I hit the ball really well today. 68's a great score. Glad I got in with that. But I felt I left a few out there.

Q. Where is the Ryder Cup in your mind if at all?
J.B. HOLMES: Well, going into the week you want to play well but you can't be thinking about anything like that when you're out there. You just got to play this golf tournament.

Q. Haven't seen a lot of birdie, birdie, birdie. I think we got that out of you at some stage today. When that's happening, how do you try to keep that going?
J.B. HOLMES: It's tough out there. There's just a few, holes you go to that you think you have a chance to birdie and that was a stretch. I saw the pin on 13, I knew 12 and 13 would be definitely be birdie holes. I hit some good shots and those holes and made birdie. After my third birdie, the next four holes were pretty much into the wind right there and I was just trying to make par on those holes.

Q. How do you characterize the advantage of your length on a course of this nature, greater or lesser than other sorts of layouts?
J.B. HOLMES: Hitting it straight it's a big advantage. It also makes it a lot harder to hit fairways especially when the wind is blowing like this. You got to hit it right down the middle and you can't really attack these greens from the rough. I was lucky to hit most of the fairways today. So it's a big advantage if you can hit it in the fairway. But if you get it going in the rough, you get on the green where some people can't but still you can't really get it close. Like yesterday I hit a bunch of fairways but I didn't hit very many greens yesterday. I hit it pin high there and I was able to get up-and-down.

Q. I know you're trying to win the PGA Championship that's the first and foremost thing but what kind of support are you getting from your Kentucky fans at home to try to make that Ryder Cup team?
J.B. HOLMES: Definitely. That would be huge for me. They have been supporting me all year from Kentucky. And they have always done well especially this year with the Ryder Cup, so I put myself in a pretty good situation and I just got to go out there and play and hopefully it will happen.

Q. How familiar are you with Valhalla?
J.B. HOLMES: Very familiar. I played it a lot. It's one of my favorite golf courses in Kentucky. I played it a whole lot. I really enjoy that golf course.

Q. What took you there in the first place?
J.B. HOLMES: Toward the end of my college career we had a friend take me up there and play it. I really enjoyed it and he kept inviting me back so I went up there and played it as often as I could.

Q. What's your lowest score there?
J.B. HOLMES: My lowest is like 65 and I think my worst score is like 72 or something. I really do enjoy that golf course. I hope I get on that team.

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