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August 8, 2008

Darren Clarke


Q. Are you playing the next three events?
DARREN CLARKE: I am not playing next week. Just the KLM and Gleneagles, I was never entered next week.

Q. What was wrong with the game?
DARREN CLARKE: It didn't feel as if I played that badly at all but that is Major Championship golf, it's on the edge between getting good results and bad results and unfortunately things didn't go my way. I had a cold putter all week and everybody is going to make mistakes around here and you have to make those five or six footers to make par.

Q. It is unlikely you will make the team automatically now unless you win both?
DARREN CLARKE: I have tried my best. That's all I can do and that's all I can do in those two tournaments remaining. That's all I can do.

Q. Would you pick you?
DARREN CLARKE: At the moment, probably not unless I do something pretty good in those last couple of tournaments. That is a realistic view, at the moment I probably wouldn't.

Q. Do you feel you are in good enough form to show something in those events?
DARREN CLARKE: Yes, I do as I didn't think I played that badly at all this week, far from it, far from it. I was level par through seven holes and then made seven on 18 from nowhere. Flushed my tee shot, flushed my second shot and it plugged in the bunker and I couldn't get it out. Then the third I hit it a little too hard and it went over the back of the green and made seven. Made seven from nowhere. My game is okay but my scores don't reflect that. But the game's okay.

Q. Partnerships are key to the success and it fairly obvious your partnership with Lee, that must count in your favour?
DARREN CLARKE: As Dermot just asked me, 'would I pick myself at the moment?' I would struggle to pick myself at the moment. But if I play well in those last couple of weeks and he was to pick me then great but I have to play well. That is the bottom line and if I don't I will be watching like everyone else.

Q. Is the course as tough as the first day?

Q. Too tough?
DARREN CLARKE: No. it's a stern test.

Q. How much is the setup and how much the conditions?
DARREN CLARKE: Both, The golf course is tough enough without the breeze, the pins are tucked away and the greens getting firmer. When we played the Ryder Cup the fairways were softer whereas now they are kicking off and the greens are firmer and it is a much more difficult test.

Q. Sixth?
DARREN CLARKE: It is a better hole moved up and people like to see players having a go. I hit driver and made a three.

Q. What about the pin on 17?
DARREN CLARKE: I missed from 15 feet for birdie so it is a great pin.

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