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August 8, 2008

Tim Thelen


Q. Just talk about your experience this week.
TIM THELEN: It was a great experience. The hardest golf course I've ever played. I can't remember the last two times that I've played two rounds of golf and I had four double-bogeys. So I mean, you can look at the scoreboard right now and I think 2-under is leading and they haven't teed off yet.
The hole locations are very difficult. The rough is rough, and you know, I hit the ball -- except for two shots today, very well and shot 76. So that explains the golf course.

Q. How does this compare to the other eight or seven championships you've competed in?
TIM THELEN: Like I said, the most difficult golf course I've played. I didn't hit it well yesterday and I hit it about as good as I could hit it today. You know, the score doesn't really reflect what I shot today, but I tell you, the greens out here are very undulating and if you hit it on the green, it's not certain you're going to make par.

Q. Now is there something that you can take away from this that you can't take away from the other ones?
TIM THELEN: Not really. It's just being a club pro, it's really hard to prepare for this because you still have to go to work, you still have to do clinics and you still have to give your lessons.
The preparation is probably, you know -- I wish I had more preparation, but it's just never there, and it's like everybody who is here, I guess.

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