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August 8, 2008

David Long


Q. 82?
DAVID LONG: 82. Felt like it could have been a little worse probably. Hit some good shots. Man, just it's very penalizing, very penal when you miss the shot, whether it's from the fairway or from the rough off the tee, you miss it a little bit and you pay for it.

Q. Talk about just the whole experience.
DAVID LONG: Well, it's amazing to have even gotten a chance to play in this in the first place. There's a lot of qualifying, as you know, to get to this point. So the whole ride has been great, and everybody that I ran into has always said, just enjoy the moment. I don't do this for a living; these guys do. I still have a job to go home to, I hope.
But everybody, the players I played with every day, practice rounds, tournament rounds, all said that they were well aware of how hard and how we have to qualify to get to this point. We definitely have game, too, in a different way. It was a great experience, emotionally, physically, still a great experience and something that I'll never forget.

Q. Will you come back next year?
DAVID LONG: Yeah, do it all over again, now that I've got the experience, it should be a little easier, I hope.

Q. Any highlights?
DAVID LONG: I think definitely the opening tee shot, because it was on No. 1. I never had the experience of hitting in front of a crowd like that off of No. 1 in my life, and could or bad, the applause kind of pushes you along. They know why we're there. They are just here to see good golf, and I think definitely the first tee shot, I'll remember the most.

Q. Where did you hit it?
DAVID LONG: I hit it over the bunkers in the right side. It was in the rough and ended up getting it on the green from the rough. So it's something I'll never forget for sure. There's a lot of shots I'll never forget but definitely the first one sticks with me.

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