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August 8, 2008

Charlie Wi


Q. When you go out there and you put up a number like you did and you know so many are following you, I guess the natural question is do you think it's going to hold up for the rest of the day?
CHARLIE WI: Well, it's only the second round and I think the course is playing a lot more difficult today than yesterday. The wind's a lot harder. I know the guys playing in the afternoon, it's going to be very challenging for them.

Q. After 36 years of finally playing in your first one, what was your anticipation level coming in; you're not a real excitable guy normally?
CHARLIE WI: Playing on the PGA TOUR prepared me for this week. I played well because I'll be playing well so it's getting better every week. So just I know a lot of the guys and it just feels like another PGA TOUR event.

Q. What's the big key out there in terms of your mental mindset when you're playing a course that's so difficult?
CHARLIE WI: Just so cliche golf, but especially on the PGA TOUR when the rough is high, you have to hit the fairways and that's crucial and in any Major. I'm sure on the PGA TOUR too.

Q. How much of an advantage was it to go out so early; you were the first group out?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I thought that it was going to be good for us to go out but the wind started whipping when we got out there and the greens were not receptive either. So I thought maybe going out early it was going to be softer on the greens but that wasn't the case and the winds were pretty much blowing the same as they are now.

Q. What did you hit on No. 6?
CHARLIE WI: 6? Hit driver to the front of the green. 2-putted for birdie.

Q. What tours have you had cards on?
CHARLIE WI: European Tour, Japanese TOUR, Asian Tour, here on the PGA TOUR.

Q. Nationwide Tour?
CHARLIE WI: Nationwide Tour. Yeah. Actually I still have my European Tour card.

Q. What do you like about this golf course?
CHARLIE WI: Well, when I --

Q. Assuming you do.
(Laughter.) I don't want to kill myself here. But when I got here on Tuesday, I called home and I said, this is the hardest golf course I've ever played. So if I were to play here every day, I don't know if I would enjoy it. It's very difficult golf course. No doubt about it. The greens are very undulated, very fast. And it just -- it really tests your patience and you have to be on it every shot.

Q. With that being said, you have to be pleased at where you sit right now then?
CHARLIE WI: Oh, definitely. It' always nice to be in the front and than trying to chase from behind. And yeah, I enjoy my position here, I've been playing very well past few weeks, so I'm very excited about the weekend.

Q. Are you seemingly better at the courses where par means something versus the ones where you got to shoot a 63 to keep up; it seems like your whole career has been that way?
CHARLIE WI: I used to think that way but I didn't do well at tournaments like Bob Hope or John Deere, so I don't think much of it. When I was younger I used to think that way a little bit but maybe the tougher the golf course the better for me. But I just think that I don't know, I no longer think that way.

Q. Do you think that's an advantage to you now that maybe you kind of think you go lower in other places?
CHARLIE WI: Well, I think it's just getting experience, just growing and just becoming a better player.

Q. Did you guys get any breaks with the greens today because of the some of the rain that we got?
CHARLIE WI: No, I went out there, I had to play one hole after the rain delay yesterday and the greens were still just as firm. It didn't rain that much. It just, it.
Gave it a nice moist look to it. But it was -- it didn't change the surface of the greens at all.

Q. How much between finishing and turning around and heading back out did you have? You played one hole this morning?
CHARLIE WI: No, no, no. I did that last night. I was the first group off, so luckily we were able to get it done. No, we -- no, I was done. I was home. I was in my room by 8 o'clock.

Q. Does this kind of fit your style? You talk about hitting the fairways. That's sort of your game, isn't it?
CHARLIE WI: I like to give some credit to my coaches, I do that Stack and Tilt. I'm sure you have seen it on TV. So Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett, they help a lot of guys out here and they ever been very helpful and they really helped me understand how to swing the golf club.

Q. Do you have a different game plan now after playing it for two days?
CHARLIE WI: No, hit fairways and try to hit greens and get up-and-down for par.

Q. You got the formula?

Q. Maybe your first one but, that's pretty much it?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, it sure is.

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