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August 7, 2008

Scott Hebert


SCOTT HEBERT: I started out just tentative with tentative swings and just got killed out there doing that. I missed the fairway on 1, hit the fairway on 2. Had a pretty simple up-and-down, didn't do it. Even on 1 for that matter. Pretty easy to hit a wedge out of that rough.
And I hit a bad tee shot on five, made a bad decision, made double.
And then I started to steady the ship a little. Made some good tee balls and some good shots.
I chose the wrong club on 14. Or 13. The par-3. I made double there. I hit it to the back of the green and 3-putted.
And then I doubled 18. But you just -- all you're going to make is double or bogey out of the rough. At least I am.
I'm disappointed because of how well I drove it the first three days. For me it's just my nerves.

Q. Do you think you can right the ship tomorrow and put yourself in a place where you maybe could make the cut?
SCOTT HEBERT: Yeah, you know, we'll have to see what it is after today. We know it's going to be hard and dry. The place is firming up. But I'm definitely going to come back tomorrow and give it all I got.

Q. Disappointed?
SCOTT HEBERT: Yeah, very. It's pretty bad to play that way, but that's what you get, I guess.

Q. Nervous or anything?
SCOTT HEBERT: Yeah, you know, I've been working on my tee ball, I drove it well, so other than it's Thursday and not Wednesday, that's the only difference I can see.

Q. What's been the highlight this week so far? Anything that's kind of caught you off guard or something that's just really stuck in your head as far as this week?
SCOTT HEBERT: Just the experience is, it doesn't really catch you off guard, it's what I expected. But you can shoot 80, but you got to enjoy it. I played with two guys that were under par. Maybe I was good luck for them because those are the same two guys who played with me last year.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SCOTT HEBERT: Not too bad, for the most part. But like I say, it's tough to hit anything out of the rough, you're just trying to chip it up-and-down.

Q. Are you surprised you're similar to last year?
SCOTT HEBERT: No, I thought it was all pretty good. The flags, you could get to them if you did your homework and you looked at it. Golf's an easy game if you are in the fairway and on the green somewhere below the hole.

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