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August 7, 2008

Paul Casey


Q. Reasonably pleased?
PAUL CASEY: Obviously to 3-putt the last is frustrating. I didn't put it in the fairway as often as I needed to. And I made it very, very difficult. I think there was two holes that I was frustrated on, obviously the 3-putt on the ninth and then the 11th, I actually hit a very good tree shot and it kicked off into the rough and pulled a 4-iron in the bunker for the third shot and then it was disappointing not to birdie the par-5s. Because they're both reachable today. I hit good shots away that looked pretty good and both times it put me in positions where I couldn't reach the green. And that was disappointing because you got to take advantage of those holes because they're few and far between out there.

Q. What was going on on hole No. 1, it looked like it was playing pretty hard today.
PAUL CASEY: The first hole? I scrambled a par there. But I hit a great tee shot down there. I only had about 120 yards to the flag. And the pin, when we played it, the pin was in the shadows and the putts leading up looked fairly slow up the hill. And it wasn't. It took off as soon as it got to the top of the hill. And a lot of guys it looked to me were running putts past. But I made my putt coming back from about six feet.
That's an incredibly tough green and a very, very tough pin position. You pitch it short it will stay short, you pitch it long, it's gone. So par's a very, very good score today on the first.

Q. There's obviously a lot at stake for you this week.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm taking it one shot is at a time and I'm not worrying about it too much. First things first. I'm trying to get myself in contention for the weekend. And I feel that the game's right there, so why not? That's why today was a little frustrating. I felt like I shouldn't really have been any worse than probably level par. You can't give away shots around here, because it's so difficult to pick them up. Unless your Robert Karlsson.
(Laughter.) He got to 4 today, didn't he?

Q. How is the course playing? I know you're a little ticked off, but --
PAUL CASEY: Firm and fast. It's changed a lot. I think anybody who, or most of the guys I think played a couple practice rounds, Monday and Tuesday, and it changed very quickly.
Yesterday, suddenly it switched and it became firm and fast and it's more of that today. We had more of the same. And I like that. I like the way it's playing. It's tough though on most of the greens. You just see the footprints on the greens, they're leaving little crusty marks there. And I think it's playing very, very good. Yeah, it's incredibly long and the rough is very deep and penal, but I like the fact it's firming up. You can get some run on the fairways and if you do hit the fairways the ball goes a very, very long way. Which is nice.

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