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August 7, 2008

Sergio Garcia


Q. I heard you talk about lack of confidence you might have had today off the tee, but the round that you put together, did you get your confidence back?
SERGIO GARCIA: Obviously the round was good. There were a couple of tee shots here and there that I wasn't 100% and I felt good, and obviously they weren't very good.
But I scrambled nicely. I putted good. I chipped good. I hit a lot of good shots into the greens -- and you know, 1-under par on this course, I'm thrilled with it. So hopefully I can go to the range and get a little bit more confidence in my driving abilities, because you have to be in the fairway on this course. You can't be missing a lot of fairways and expect to do well throughout the whole week. It's too much of a gamble.

Q. Robert Karlsson said that in the practice rounds the greens were much softer and he went for the green on 1, huge mistake and made double-bogey; can you talk about the difference since the practice rounds?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, did he make six birdies after that, 16 holes, so obviously he wasn't hitting to the middle of the greens. (Laughter).
Fortunate for Camilo and I, we played nine holes yesterday afternoon, late afternoon, about 3:30 and the greens were getting quite crispy in the afternoon. I didn't expect to see the greens as firm this morning and I can only imagine how they are going to get this afternoon.
The course, definitely you have to play -- you not only have to play very good, you have to play very smart. Like for example on 9 today, it's almost stupid to go for that pin. The room for error on that pin is like three feet. I decided to hit a good, solid shot to the middle of the green and try to make 3 a different way, and you've just got to realize that you're going to have to do that at some points throughout the round.

Q. How was that grouping today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it was great. Anthony is a great guy. Obviously I'm good friends with Camilo. It was very enjoyable.
I think this is the first round I played tournament round with Anthony, and it's very impressive.

Q. Moving the tee up on 9, did that change the way you played it from the practice round?
SERGIO GARCIA: Obviously. I think if we would have played it 250 from the back tee to that pin, it would have been a little bit -- a little bit too much. So it was still like 226 or something like that. I hit a drilled 4-iron and got it to the middle of the green.
Camilo and Anthony hit 3-irons and didn't get there. It's not the easiest of greens to be hitting long clubs or 3-wood.

Q. Is the goal to be near the top or put yourself in position?
SERGIO GARCIA: Obviously it's always important to start well and get some confidence on your side and make sure that you don't have to make a lot of ground late on the week. It's not the kind of course that you're going to be able to shoot like a 64 or a 65, unless it gets very soft. It's tough to do that.

Q. How do you use the majors as a measure of success in your year?
SERGIO GARCIA: They are obviously important, no doubt about it. That's what we work hard for, but not the main thing. Obviously if you don't play well in the majors, you can still have a good year. Obviously you do want to play well in the majors, but it's not the center of the universe.

Q. Could you give us a little insight on Robert Karlsson; I don't think a lot of people realize how good of a player he is. Paul Casey said that he was his partner in the Ryder Cup and couldn't have done it without him; how good is this guy?
SERGIO GARCIA: He's good and he's gotten better, great guy. He's long and hits it fairly straight. He's improved his putting abilities a lot in the past couple of years. So he's just a very solid player overall, and a good guy. So it's good to see him up there.

Q. How do you fight the urge to not go for the pin on some of the holes on this course?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, sometimes you've got to realize it. It is hard because we like to put aggressive swings into everything we do, but sometimes you've got to realize what's right and what's wrong; and to see the gamble is worth it. I guess you just learn it as you get older.

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