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August 3, 2008

Eduardo Romero



Q. U.S. Senior Open Champion, Eduardo Romero.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Thank you, guys.

Man, I'm so happy, so happy. I played great all week, all week long. And then today I make a couple mistakes in the Back 9. And when I start to make bogey, I can't stop. I start to make bogey, bogey, bogey.

I remember when Greg Norman played The Masters, he start to make a bogey, he never stopped. I remember about it, but after that, I make a good putt on the 15 and talked with my caddy, I said, we have to make one par. That's all we will make.

And then we make a par on 15, and I start to finish with par.

But it was a great week, great week. It was fantastic for Argentina and South America and for Romero, of course.

Q. What does this mean for you and your country?

EDUARDO ROMERO: This is very important, very important because we're working hard for golf in Argentina. This is very important, very important. Also, Cabrera win the U.S. Open last year.

This is such a fantastic tournament. It's beautiful. When I come here and play the U.S. Open, I tell you, it's a dream to win a tournament; and finally my dream's coming true.

I'm back to Argentina with this cup. It's mine.

Q. Last year when you were on the threshold of being the champion and it didn't go right, what was last night like? Were you apprehensive or were you positive?

EDUARDO ROMERO: I think the new putter changed my life. I started using the new putter. Before, I used the short putter, but when I started the new putter, it was completely different player. It wasn't the PGA.

I think I can win any tournament now. I feel it. I smell the tournament. I can win any tournament. And then I think it was completely different player after the new putter. The belly putter from Callaway is fantastic, fantastic, and then I'm driving so well this week. It's fantastic, sand shot and irons, all my play was very good this week.

Q. You had a stronger Back 9.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah. Yeah. And then I lost a couple five or seven kilos, and then I miss strong iron, and I'm ready for the next tournament.

Q. What do you think will happen when you go home?

EDUARDO ROMERO: A lots of reception, yeah. The last week when I come to Argentina, the school is closed in my village because there's 35,000 people live in my little village. The school is closed, and all the kids go to the airport, and it's fantastic. And this one, I think the president is waiting for me there. (Laughs).

Q. Did you change your strategy at all when Fred had that triple- bogey?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah. I think, but I start to make bogey before that, but I can't stop. I don't see Fred's scoring. I'm trying to make pars. And then he make a triple-bogey, and then I'm a little relaxing. And my concentration was different after that.

Q. Have you ever made a bogey and picked up two shots in the lead? That's exactly what you did.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Oh, yeah. Exactly.

Q. Picked up two shots.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Exactly. Exactly. That's it.

Q. The winner's check is pretty large. You got any big plans?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, probably -- I have horses in Argentina. Probably buy new horses there.

Q. Do you have a lot of land?

EDUARDO ROMERO: No. I have a lot of land now. I have a ranch, good ranch over there in Argentina.

Q. What did you think of the crowd here?

EDUARDO ROMERO: It's unbelievable. I'm playing all over the world. You know, I'm playing Japan, Australia. I'm playing South America and Europe, but over here the fans are unbelievable. I feel when I walk on the course, they say, "Come on, Eduardo; come on Fred, come on." It's fantastic. It's fantastic. The fans here in America is one of the best.

Q. Did you have a feeling when you were walking up 18 knowing you pretty much had it in the bag?

EDUARDO ROMERO: I'm scary. I tell you. My legs go; my legs! (Laughs). But it's fun. It's very nice. I feel very special feeling. It's beautiful. It's beautiful.

Q. Can we have one smile and hug with that trophy for Cabrera and your friend?


Q. How come you didn't jump in the lake?

EDUARDO ROMERO: No, it's too cold. (Laughs).

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