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August 3, 2008

Lee Westwood


RODDY WILLIAMS: Lee, thanks so much for coming in. Unlucky out there, had a couple of chances on those last couple holes, didn't you?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I did. I got off to a great start again, got a bit unlucky on 4, got a bad lie in the left on 7 there and didn't come out quite like I expected. Then made a complete hash of 7 after that. And then I was really sort of back against the wall out of it, five behind, because Vijay was -- he made a great up-and-down there to stay 12-under. But I came back with a nice birdie on the next, and I just thought, dig in there and see what happens.
I gave myself a real good look at it. I had a good putt on 17. I thought when I started it off, it would go in, but it just went a lot more than I thought.
And 18, I didn't start it far enough right. I thought it was just outside lip, and it moved a foot. I missed it left on Thursday and I didn't learn anything and missed it left today (smiling).
RODDY WILLIAMS: You must be proud of the way you came back?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I was pleased. I know as well as anybody what can happen the first tournament of the European schedule. This year it was in China --

Q. It was like 10 back?
LEE WESTWOOD: 10 back with ten holes to go and lost in a playoff. I know as well as anybody what can happen. I know it's not easy to finish off around this golf course because a lot can happen on the back nine. They're not easy holes. I gave myself a look at it.

Q. How does this serve you for next week?
LEE WESTWOOD: Oh, I think it will give me confidence, really. You know, things like 7 do happen, and to come back from that, you know, was great, because they're not -- it's never easy playing this golf course. They're not easy holes. You have to hit it in the fairways, which I did mostly, and gave myself good birdie chances. My distance control and my irons were good, and I thought I handled the pressure pretty good.

Q. Did you take anything from the U.S. Open that might be helpful?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, you know, when I get into contention and play in the last group, I feel very comfortable out there now. I've got a routine I'm going through, and nothing phases me too much. I hit some nice shots under pressure over the last few holes. The wedge into 17 was a lovely shot, one of the best I've hit for ages, took the spin off it. And a great drive down off the last after Vijay hit the middle of the fairway, because you know you've got to hit the fairway there to give yourself a chance because you've got to make birdie.

Q. There was one mistake at the U.S. Open that cost you (inaudible). Is that sort of the margin today (inaudible)?
LEE WESTWOOD: You know, my shot off both playoffs was quite the shot of the day. You can break it down over the whole week. There's just a couple of places. I would say -- I was just analyzing it out there, and I would say the place that lets me down most is -- although my short game is improved, there are just a couple of shots you need regularly on this TOUR more than you need in Europe, and I just don't play regularly enough over here to practice those shots often enough, so I'm going to go home and work on those shots and come back even stronger around the greens.

Q. And the two shots are?
LEE WESTWOOD: Just different kinds of chips and different kinds of bunker shots.

Q. Is that why you went with putter on that one hole from short of the green?
LEE WESTWOOD: I just couldn't picture a chip from there. It was kind of nothing to -- it was sort of the same distance of fringe and it was green and very quick after the hole. I just thought, you know, putt it, and I'll get it within four or five feet, which I didn't, and the fringe ended up being a lot slower. The first time I really putted through the fringe all week.

Q. Was that the chip you were looking for?
LEE WESTWOOD: No, not really. I could have played the chip there. The putt just seemed the right shot at the time there.

Q. Have you ever wrestled at all so badly with your putter that you've done belly and back and forth?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I won a couple of times with the belly putter, but I've gone left below right. Look at Vijay, he's won. How many methods has he tried. He's done all but grip it between his teeth (laughter). There's nothing wrong with that. You have to find something that works.

Q. The 8th hole you bounced back so well --
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, the drive off the 8th got some real treatment after making double (laughing).

Q. Did you pretend that that was yesterday or something?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, that was the start of the tournament. I got 11 holes to pick five shots up and very nearly managed it. Just got to sort of shake it off and start again. A blip is a blip.

Q. In the big picture you're proud of that, though?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, delighted. It's nice to see somebody with a worse shirt on than me, by the way (laughter).
Yeah, delighted. Sorry, I couldn't help it. What were you thinking?
Yeah, I've never really been one to give up out there. It's a World Golf Championship at the end of the day, and I was still in third spot, and Vijay could have dropped shots as well as I could have picked them up, and he ended up doing that. He was 12 at the time, and he won at 10-under. In those situations you've just got to grind it out and see what happens.

Q. You were pretty well locked into Ryder Cup already, yes?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, I'm double locked, bolt and chub.

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