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August 3, 2008

Mark McNulty



MARK McNULTY: It's a golf course where you do make mistakes. I know some guys had a lot. It's the toughest set of greens I've seen in a major championship, bar none, and to finish under par, I'm very proud of myself.

Q. How did the golf course play today compared to the first three rounds?

MARK McNULTY: I think yesterday and today, the golf course, I think the USGA got a little bit of a fracture on Friday afternoon when the things got a little windy. The greens got a little bit hard, and they certainly put a little more water on, which gave the greens a chance to yield some shots and have some putts, so I didn't have a particular great day yesterday.

The Back 9 seemed to have caught me every single day, but that's the golf course. It's 18 holes of tournament championship play, and just gotta take one hole at a time and make a par. And if you get a birdie, as I said the other day, it's a bonus, and get the next tee with a par.

Q. Did you ever get comfortable out there or did it kind of keep you off balance the entire four days?

MARK McNULTY: I certainly was comfortable on the front nine. I sort of struggled visually on holes 11 and 13, and believe it or not, 15, because you know, we all know everybody's spoken about number 9, but 15 was pretty much the same. It sort of goes away from you and it's tough to get an angle on the tee shots. It's all about what the mind sees, and in the end you just gotta pick a line and just go for it.

Q. Mark, could you see things backing up as you were playing? Did you see at all? Did you look at the board?

MARK McNULTY: Well, fortunately for me I had a good front nine, so as I said, I was trying to eliminate mistakes in the Back 9 where I've

struggled all week, and I didn't really pay much attention until the last 15, 20 minutes. I see everybody's backing up a lot, but that's the kind of golf course which you can back up very quickly, especially once you've gone 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. They're really tricky holes, and if you don't hit the fairways, the pins are really not that accessible. So it can make it very tough.

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