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August 3, 2008

Darren Clarke


Q. No bogeys today. How good does that feel?
DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, I played lovely. I played really, really well today. I couldn't buy a putt for the last eight holes. I kept giving myself chance after chance after chance. I kept hitting it reasonably close and had really good putts but they just didn't go in. I played well all week, 3-over par after the first ten holes on the first day wasn't the greatest start, but I'm pretty pleased I battled on and got myself back in there again.

Q. How much confidence does this give you going forward?
DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, quite a bit. You know, it's been great, I've missed this sort of event all year, the majors and these World Golf Championships event. It's been great back playing them again and I felt very comfortable this week, and this is where I want to play, this is what I want to do. I want to get more opportunities to play like I have done this week.

Q. Your son Tyrone's birthday is today. Do you want to say happy birthday to him?
DARREN CLARKE: It is. Happy birthday, Tyrone. He's ten years old today. I'm stuck over here, and he's at home -- not quite stuck over here, but he's had a very good day and he's back in Ireland now.

Q. Just to next week and your thoughts about next week on the back of this.
DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, as I said, I played really well on the back nine there. I've given myself chances -- I think I missed one green today, which whenever I haven't quite been in this sort of field for a while is pretty good. I had a chance to be an awful lot better, but unfortunately I hit putts that didn't go in. But I played really, really well.

Q. And going to Oakland Hills, obviously a course with Ryder Cup success a couple years back.
DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, good memories there. They put in some new tees to fox us a little. But it'll be fun.

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