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August 2, 2008

Dominika Cibulkova


4-6, 6-4, 6-3


Q. Can you talk to us about this match. It was quite a marathon today.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: The match was quite up and down because in the first set I was quite satisfied with this tournament and I didn't really play well. You know, I was still on yesterday's match in my mind. I wasn't really focused on that match.
It really helped me that it started to rain because I went to the locker room and I talked to my coach. It wasn't easy to talk to him because he was really mad. You know, then I realized that if I start to play my game, you know, to put more pressure on her, to step in the court, then I have a chance to play against her and to win this match.
Then in the second set, in the beginning, I start to play like this, how I should play in the first set. And about the third set, I think she played really good. It was a very good level of the tennis. I just keep pressure on her. You know, I was playing a lot of swing volleys. I was going for it on the net. I start to serve better.
With the second and third set, I'm really happy that I played so good.

Q. Who is your coach?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Vladimir Platenik. He's from Slovakia.

Q. She bothered you at the start with high balls, I suppose.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Yeah. I wasn't really focused on the game because when she start to play these, I should go for swing volleys and I should go more, you know, to stepping into the court. I was just looking at the ball and waiting, then I was missing these balls or played short, and she start to move me more.
I needed to realize what I have to do open the court and start to be focused.

Q. Is it the longest delay you had in a game?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: No, no. In the beginning of the year in the Gold Coast, I played one match three days. So this is okay.

Q. In the second and third set you used more the dropshot.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Yeah, that's the thing what I should do also. And it was very good tactic to play dropshots because, you know, we played like long rallies, like five balls, and then I missed the ball because I wanted to play long again. And when I played dropshot, you know, she's moving not that good like forward, so it was a really good tactic and I played well these dropshots.

Q. You seem to be unstoppable this week. How confident are you of winning your first title?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Winning my first title is really very far yet. It's still one match. You know, I'm so excited about this, about my game, that I'm in the final of a Tier I for my first time.
I will try to play my best tomorrow. And for sure I will be not satisfied, like today in the beginning.

Q. With the win you have tonight, you're going to be able to make it to the top 20. How is it important for you in your progression?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: I mean, thank you for the information because I didn't know that before. You know, I just feel like I belong to the top 20 and maybe I can be still better.
I'm really happy to be there because my goal for this year was to start in the top 50, and now I will get to the top 20. For me it's like a dream.

Q. Kim Clijsters is a player you respect. What is it about her game you most admire?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: I was pretty young and pretty small when I watch her play. I don't know. I like her on the court. She seems to be really nice. I like the way he she was playing. She was moving very well. She had a good strokes. I just liked the way she played. You know, she was my idol. Now she's not playing, so...

Q. You're going to be playing Safina tomorrow. Have you played her before?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: No, never. I never play her before. But now she's in a good shape. You know, she played final Roland Garros. She won the last tournament. So now I have nothing to lose, so...

Q. She's 20 centimeters taller than you. No problem?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: You know, I don't care about these things because I played Olga Govortsova. She has two meters. I beat her. It's no big deal. She's bigger. You know, I'm quicker.

Q. Do you think it will be tough to time yourself to her power?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Yes, but I think also Dementieva or Petrova is a powerful player, and I beat them. So I have not a problem to play against a powerful players. You know, I will try to not let her play her game and we'll see.

Q. But first you have to forget your win against Bartoli.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Yes, that's it. I cannot go on the court and be satisfied with a semifinal. Tomorrow I will be for sure not satisfied with a final. So I realize it and I will not do again two times this mistake.

Q. Safina can lose her cool very easily. Will you work on that?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA: Yeah, we will see. Depends, you know. I will go on the court, try to play my game, play fast, you know, move her. We will see tomorrow.

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