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August 2, 2008

Eduardo Romero



Q. Another fantastic round.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, I'm playing great today. I think it was the best round so far all year, because I played very solid, very concentrated, and then I played with a great player like Fred Funk, and then, well, I played fantastic, very solid, very solid.

Then I make a couple of mistakes on the back nine and I missed a short putt, but that's okay. I'm very happy with my game, especially my driver, my putter is working. And then, well, it's one more round to go.

Q. You seem to be out-driving most of the guys, how much of an advantage is that?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, I'm playing a completely different golf course, I'm hitting driver and sand wedge and lob-wedge all the way, every hole.

And then also the par 5, I hit an 8-iron -- No. 3, I hit an 8-iron and No. 9, 7-iron. It's a completely different golf course.

I think the driver is unbelievable. I use the FT-5 and I changed my driver, and it's unbelievable. I hit it longer than ten years ago when I was younger. I think it's fantastic. I played very, very good today, and then, well, tomorrow is another day.

Q. Fred says he really enjoys playing with you. Do you enjoy playing with him as much, and why?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, always, because you know, playing like with friends, Fred is one of the best players in the world. Playing with him, it's very nice, it's very nice and I really enjoy to see every shot and he's a good putter, too, good driver, and I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.

Q. Does he bring out best in your game?

EDUARDO ROMERO: When I play with a good guy, I play better.

Q. Do you feel sorry for him when you walk by his ball each time?

EDUARDO ROMERO: No, no. (Laughter).

Q. Would winning the Senior Open give you bragging rights over Angel after he won the U.S. Open?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, Angel won the U.S. Open last year, and then, well, it's a good combination for South America, for Argentina, as well, and it's basically for me. It's a dream to win the U.S. Open, yeah.

Q. And this week?


Q. Texting or calling?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, Cabrera called me last night and said to me, "Eduardo, I'm waiting over here." I don't know if he was in America or not. He pushed me. He's a great friend.

Q. There were a group of Argentinians on No. 10 and they said you were a genius in Spanish. Do you remember that?


Q. Did that pep you up some?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, yes, when the people say -- when the fans say something good to you, it's very good. I feel very nice. And then it's a lot of -- I don't know if it's Spanish, but I heard a few words in Spanish from the gallery, and that's good.

Q. So what do you think it's going to take to win this open tomorrow?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Tomorrow I have to make three -- between 3- and 4-under and I win the tournament. I need 3- or 4-under.

Q. Seeing the low scores, did that spark you at all or really motivate you to have to really go low today when you saw the early scores posted?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, tomorrow is a completely different day, completely different day because it's last rounds. Everybody will play very carefully tomorrow, and I will try my best tomorrow. I come here to win the tournament and I'll try my best for tomorrow.

Q. How will you prepare for tomorrow's round tonight?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Today I go to the Argentinian restaurant and eat a big steak and then sleep, and then just practice a lot tomorrow before I start my round. I think that's the way to do it tomorrow.

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