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August 2, 2008

Vijay Singh


Q. Vijay, another round in the 60s, tied for the lead. How do you feel?
VIJAY SINGH: I feel pretty good, a little disappointed. It could have been a better round than that, but you've got to take what it gives you. A few short putts here and there would have made a big difference. But I made a few, as well, so that kind of evens it out.

Q. Did it look to you that at least the greens were going to be a little faster than they were?
VIJAY SINGH: They weren't faster, they were a little firmer. They weren't spinning back like they were doing. We knew about it. I think this wind is going to dry it out even further. If it doesn't rain tonight, I think we're going to have pretty fast greens again tomorrow.

Q. Pretty exciting for you and Phil on the back nine, both you guys making a bunch of birdies.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, we both played well. He hit a lot of good iron shots and made some nice putts. Hopefully we can do the same tomorrow.

Q. How did it go out there?
VIJAY SINGH: Better than yesterday. I missed one or two fairways but I didn't miss it by much. It wasn't really wayward. I think I played solid today, and if I can do this tomorrow, I think I have a chance.

Q. The putter was your friend on 15, then trading birdies with Phil on 16, and then on 17 that nasty little result.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I don't know what happened. I thought I kept my head down, I thought I hit a good putt, but it didn't hit the hole. I'm going to go out there and try to hit a few from that range and see if I can feel a lot more comfortable. That's what I need, to be comfortable from that range.

Q. Is it a tough course to keep a clean card?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, the wind especially was blowing today, and it was a lot stronger on the front nine. The 4-iron on 7 came up short. That was playing really long. The wind was swirling around, as well, and it wasn't consistent. Sometimes a bigger club, you hit it and it goes right through the wind and a good shot becomes a not so good shot. It was a tough day, tough conditions, and hopefully tomorrow will be a little better than this.

Q. Just talk about your day.
VIJAY SINGH: I played well. I think from tee to green it was really solid, a lot of good putts, as well, a lot of not so good putts. I tried to take those ones that I missed back, but that's the way the game goes.

Q. Didn't seem to be a big moving day for anybody hardly.
VIJAY SINGH: Well, the conditions were a little different. It was a lot more windier, and the pins were not so easy, either. A lot of pins were at the back of the green, so you couldn't really go for it. If you misclub, you're going to have a difficult chip shot coming back.
But there were some nice scores out there. I think the earlier guys going out shot some good numbers, but then in the afternoon the greens got a little bit more crustier.

Q. Are you pleased with the way you're playing tee to green?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I'd like to play like this tomorrow. I think I have a good chance if I do this tomorrow.

Q. How important would it be for you to win this? You've won a lot of tournaments, but is this --
VIJAY SINGH: I would say it's always important to win a tournament every year, and I haven't won this year. It's in the back of my head. It's not going to be there tomorrow when I start off. I'm going to go out there and focus on the day and see if I can put it up.

Q. Are you still happy with the belly putter?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I don't think I see any need to change at the moment.

Q. The biggest effect on the wind, was that the one on 7 that didn't go anywhere, that held it up, that didn't hit the green?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I hit it pretty high, as well. I thought I had plenty of club, and in hindsight you think about it, and you think, man, I should have hit a 3-iron, but then if you hit the 3-iron over the green, you'd say I should have hit a 4-iron.
You know, at that moment you try to pick the right club and just hit it and I thought I did.

Q. You and Phil haven't played together very much. Was this an enjoyable round for you?
VIJAY SINGH: It was fine. I was focused on my round. I wasn't worried about Phil, and I'm sure he wasn't worried about me.

Q. Looked like he said something to you at the beginning like thanking you for something when you teed off there.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I hardly heard that.

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