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August 1, 2008

Bo Bae Song


COLIN CALLANDER: Ladies and gentlemen we have Bo Bae Song here in the interview area and she scored a 68 for a two-round total of 136 and is currently leading the championship.
Congratulations, great round of golf. How do you feel after that round?
BO BAE SONG: Coming into the round today, it was very windy, so I anticipated a very difficult round. But I made some good shots and it gave me a pretty good opportunity to play well today.
COLIN CALLANDER: Have you played much golf in this country before?
BO BAE SONG: This is my second British Open. I played in the British Open when Jeong Jang won it, but I think it was about three years ago, and this is my second time.
COLIN CALLANDER: You're currently spending all of your time playing on the Japanese Tour; is that correct?

Q. First of all well done, but can you tell us about your upbringing and how much practise you did before you came on Tour?
BO BAE SONG: I practised and prepared as much as I would do for any tournament.

Q. What would your idea be of a day's practise? How much hours a day would you practise?
BO BAE SONG: About six hours per day.

Q. And have you done other things apart from golf before you turned pro?
BO BAE SONG: Nothing, nothing but golf.

Q. Shopping?
BO BAE SONG: I used to play piano and violin before playing golf.

Q. And how good were you at the piano and violin, and why did you stop?
BO BAE SONG: Obviously I wasn't exceptionally good at either piano or violin. I wanted to major in music so I could continue in piano and violin, but per my father's recommendation and suggestion, I decided to turn to golf and play professional golf.

Q. Were you at any time doing all three, the piano, violin and the golf, or did you take up golf after stopping the piano and violin?
BO BAE SONG: No, not all three of them at the same time.

Q. And when did you start playing golf?
BO BAE SONG: At the age of ten I started playing golf.

Q. How are you playing in the Japanese Tour, how are you getting on, and do you want to play in the LPGA in the future?
BO BAE SONG: At this point I don't have any plans to pursue the LPGA. I like where I am in Japan and I want to continue to play in the JLPGA.

Q. I read on the Web site that you had some injuries in '06. Could you explain what they were?
BO BAE SONG: Not sure exactly what you call this muscle right back there, but it wasn't torn, but maybe partially torn. So that was a pretty big injury in 2006.
Since then, my driving distance has decreased a little bit. I don't know the actual technical medical term on this particular muscle.

Q. Leading the British Open at halfway, are you surprised or are you pleased? What are your emotions?
BO BAE SONG: We've still got a lot of golf to play, and it's only been the first two days. No, I'm not surprised. I think I've played up to my capabilities, so not very surprised where I am.

Q. When you're not playing golf, do you ever play the piano or the violin for fun?
BO BAE SONG: I don't even know how to play anymore; I do not.
My father gave away my violin and piano once I started playing golf. No problem with me.

Q. You talked about the injury. How much time were you out of the game because of the injury?
BO BAE SONG: I didn't completely stop competing. I did play with an injury, but I wasn't able to practise much, and for that, I was forced to give up playing opportunities for the Kraft Nabisco on the LPGA Tour.
COLIN CALLANDER: Thank you very much and good luck over the weekend.

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