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July 31, 2008

Steve Stricker


Q. Steve, double bogey, a bogey, five birdies today. How would you characterize that round?
STEVE STRICKER: You know, I played pretty solidly until the last four holes. It's a good finishing stretch on that front side, starting at 6. But I missed a couple little putts in there that I shouldn't have. Otherwise it was a pretty good round. I putted well for the most part today, I kept it in play, drove it pretty well.
So overall I can't be disappointed. I'm 2-under and 4-under is leading, so it was a good start to the tournament.

Q. You certainly have yourself in position. Is there a particular aspect of your game that is the most important on this South Course here at Firestone?
STEVE STRICKER: Well, you know, I guess my game in general. I need to drive it well to play well, and then my short game has always kind of been something that I rely on a lot, and I did that well today when I did miss the greens. You need to do that. I don't know if I hit too many greens in regulation today, but my short game was good and I putted well. Like I say, I drove it fairly well for -- I put a new driver in the bag today, and I drove it well.

Q. 9 of 18 greens for you today. The par-3, 7th hole, where you had the double bogey, we couldn't get close enough to see your lie. What was the lie like?
STEVE STRICKER: It wasn't that bad. I mean, I should have just got it on the green. I tried to get a little cute with it and just tried to fly it on the green and let it roll out. But I should have made sure I got it on the green and given myself at least a ten-footer on it, but I didn't do it and then missed a little one there besides. I threw away a couple shots at 6 and 7, so hopefully I'll improve on that tomorrow and just keep her going.

Q. Is that characteristic of this golf course, do problems compound themselves here?
STEVE STRICKER: They can. It's much like a major style golf course. We've got long holes. The wind kind of switched around on us a little bit today, so we had all these finishing holes into the wind, which I think was a little bit more difficult here. It's just a good course. You know, it's got length, it's got rough, it's got tough greens, so you need to be on your game to play well.

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