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July 31, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. Give us your thoughts.
JIM FURYK: I'm happy, I'm pleased. I struggled. I wasn't really hitting the ball that solid but kind of got it out there in the fairway and missed a bunch of greens on my first side but got the ball up-and-down and putted pretty well and opened up with a couple birdies, a good putt on No. 1 and a two-putt for birdie on No. 2. I actually came around and started striking the ball a little bit better on the front, on my second side, and I had some more opportunities, a lot more two-putts for par.
But a good, solid round. I kind of held myself in it and the round could have got away early because as I said, I didn't hit a lot of greens early. But held myself in there and gave myself an opportunity to shoot a decent score.

Q. Do you prefer this course with less rough, because it's certainly down from last year?
JIM FURYK: Maybe hitting it the way I did today, I did. But I'm used to -- this is probably the shortest I've seen it, and I think the rain yesterday kind of softened the golf course, slowed it up a little bit. I like the rough as it is, as long as the golf course is playing firm and fast and they've kind of got the greens firm and quick, and I think they'll probably get back there as the weekend goes on.

Q. What do you make of Hunter Mahan's comments that there's no fun in Ryder Cup and the players are treated like slaves? What do you think about that?
JIM FURYK: I'm kind of being put on the spot. I didn't ever hear that until it came from your mouth.

Q. He said players should be paid because --
JIM FURYK: I'm not exactly sure what was said or the context of it, so it's probably in my best interest to maybe chat with him and figure out exactly what was said, how it was meant. I don't want to say something against one of my teammates. I obviously love the Ryder Cup. It is a long week, it is a hard week. We are a little tired by the time Friday comes around. But you know what, so is the European team. They're in the same place we are.
There's a lot going on, but it's still a wonderful week.

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