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June 5, 2005

Bo Van Pelt


Q. Were you pleased with how you held up today under the pressure?

BO VAN PELT: Yeah. You know, I was pleased. I've been hitting the ball well all week, and I just tried to tell myself before today just keep doing the things I've been doing all week and I'll be all right. I was real solid tee to green, and I gave myself a bunch of chances for birdie and let a couple get away, but all in all I was pleased with how I played.

Q. Was this the best you've played in a big tournament?

BO VAN PELT: They're all big to me. I show up, I'm trying to win. But yeah, obviously this one means a lot, a small field, a lot of really good players. You know, I'm just happy that I played the way I've been playing all week today and didn't let it bother me. I kept hitting shots under the gun. That's why we practice. Hopefully I'll carry this with me tomorrow and the rest of the year.

Q. Did you know where you were out there? Do you watch leader boards?

BO VAN PELT: No, not too much. I mean, I knew that the guys behind me were going to be making some birdies because Tiger and I were. I was trying to birdie them all coming in. I figured I just ought to birdie them all and see what that did for me. Unfortunately it was probably the only bad iron shot I hit all day off 15, just got a little bit out in front of it and margin of error from 230 is a little bit less than it is from 140. I ended up making a 6 there. But all in all, it was a good day and hopefully keep doing the things I've been doing.

Q. How was it to be out there on a day like this competing on Sunday at the Memorial playing alongside Tiger in your group. How much do those things do you bank on for the future?

BO VAN PELT: Absolutely. You try to work on your skill set so when you get in these positions you do the things that you know how to do. I was real happy, my teacher came out this week, and I really felt like I was swinging at it pretty good. It proved to me that I was holding up under the gun and hit some good shots into some tough pins, so I'll definitely take this with me for sure.

Q. Satisfying to be in the hunt at a place you've been coming since you were a kid?

BO VAN PELT: Yeah, I was trying not to think too much about it or I would have probably got ahead of myself, tried to look at it as just another tournament. Obviously there were a lot of people here I know, family and stuff. I was trying to put my head down and just hit some good shots.

Q. You came to this tournament when you lived in Richmond?

BO VAN PELT: Yeah, from the time I was about ten years old I've been coming every year.

Q. And you'd just follow the

BO VAN PELT: We used to come practice rounds, and sometimes we'd follow a group, sometimes we'd sit on a hole, sometimes we'd watch the clinic, just kind of depended what we felt like doing and who was out playing. I had a lot of good memories here and definitely this year is another one.

Q. What's it like playing with Tiger when so much attention is on him and you're trying to make a charge?

BO VAN PELT: You know, it was pretty easy. There's so much noise and so many people you don't even really notice it. He's a great guy to play with. We had lunch before we played and just had a good time out there today. As great a player as he is, he's fun to play with. We had a good time.

Q. Did you ever play with him in college?

BO VAN PELT: I didn't. You know, our teams played against each other a lot but we never got matched up together.

Q. So this was the first time?

BO VAN PELT: This was the first time we ever teed it up. One of his good friends is Charles Howell, as well as mine, so we were laughing about some Charles stories and we had a good time out there today.

Q. You had a real crowd here from Richmond?

BO VAN PELT: Yeah, absolutely. I had a bunch of family and a bunch of friends come over, and my dad still lives there, so they were definitely following me and cheering me on.

Q. What was the gallery like with your group?

BO VAN PELT: Oh, I think they had a good time. I heard them out there. I heard some "Bo" cheers amongst the Tiger cheers. I guess I know what it feels like to play an away game now. It was fun and everybody did a good job in the crowd. We were having fun hitting shots trying to make birdies, both of us.

End of FastScripts.

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