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July 31, 2008

Eduardo Romero



EDUARDO ROMERO: I'm very happy with my game today. I played really good today. I think after a couple months ago after my victory in New York, I'm a different guy. My mind is completely open now. I played great today, just 3-under, red number is very good for a start. It's a good start.

There's three more rounds to go but 3-under is a good round. I'm very happy with my game. I'm putting fantastic today, and driving, too. I'm driving unbelievable today. I hope to continue with that the rest of the week.

Q. 32 is a very strong opening.

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yeah, the course is very tough, it's more tough in the afternoon, and we're playing in the afternoon tomorrow, but it's a fantastic golf course, fantastic golf course, and especially the greens are very difficult to read the lines, but it's the same for everybody. I play very, very good, and I'm very happy with my game.

Q. Any funny putts that surprised you today?

EDUARDO ROMERO: I think this is the first time in the last two years -- it was very fast and very difficult, you know, I made only one 3-putt today on No. 9, the par 5, but I think the key for winning here is just putting good. That is the key for winning a tournament out here.

Q. Can you go through your card, the birdies and bogeys?

EDUARDO ROMERO: I can't remember very well the bogey on 18. The first birdie was on No. 12. On No. 12 I hit a driver and chip-in wedge, just was fantastic second shot and make the putt from ten feet for birdie.

Then the second one, it was No. 16, the par 3, fantastic shot. I hit a fantastic shot, 9-iron just pin-high and then 1-putt from ten feet.

Then 17, also, one of the best drives today, 8-iron for the second shot and 1-putt from 12 feet.

Then good bogey on 18. Just I missed, I pulled it a little bit, the second shot, into the rough around the green, very difficult, but I make a good bogey there.

Then my come-back birdie was No. 5. Yeah, very good driver and 9- iron and just one putt, very short putt from seven feet to birdie.

And then made a 3-putt on the 9th hole. It's a good second shot to the back of the green but it's very, very difficult from there.

But it's okay, to make 3-under is a fantastic round. Yeah, I'm very happy with my game.

Q. How far was the 3-putt?

EDUARDO ROMERO: I think it was 25 feet, 30 feet.

Q. Leave it short?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Just past the flag, and just pass again just on the front of the green and then I can't make it from there. But it's all right. I'm happy with the start and three more round together, I'm ready.

Q. You're the first-round leader last year, with another great first round this year, what did you learn last year that maybe you can use this year to hold on to the top or near the top?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, I think each year is different. After my victory in New York a couple of weeks ago, I'm a completely different player. I almost win last week in the British Open; I lost by one shot. But, well, it's my dream to win the U.S. Open, one of the big tournaments in America, and it's a dream to win this tournament. I play my best but I'm a completely different player from last year.

Q. How are you different?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Well, my game is completely different. My putter is working now. Last year my putter was not so good but now it's working nice and I'm feeling a lot of confidence.

Q. Did you change putters?

EDUARDO ROMERO: Yes, I changed my putter at the PGA. I play the belly putter, Callaway putter, it's a fantastic club.

And also my clubs, I changed my clubs, I'm using the X-20, fantastic clubs, especially for the clubs. Callaway clubs, one of the best.

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