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July 30, 2008

Tommy Haas


T. HAAS/G. Monfils
5-1 (ret)

THE MODERATOR: Questions please.

Q. You went back out on the court to hit. The match was shorter than you anticipated. Even after that three-setter you felt like you needed more work today to get ready for possibly Nadal?
TOMMY HAAS: Uh-huh, yeah. Well, I had a day off yesterday as well. Didn't expect to win like this. It's never nice to win this way, to know that he was suffering or sick.
So just trying to focus on my game, and I actually started off pretty well playing my game. Then when he got the first -- when the trainer started to coming on court I knew something might be bothering him. I overheard them saying he's going to try and see how he feels after this game. You know, didn't expect him to maybe retire at that time, but it's always tough when you're sick or have something to continue.

Q. Last time you played Nadal was two years ago here, I think. Have you been surprised at how much, how fast he's been improving since then?
TOMMY HAAS: Yeah, it's nice. I'm looking forward to playing him against. It's been a while. Obviously he's the man to beat right now. He's been playing unbelievable tennis and winning five titles in row.
So we'll see what I can do. You know, I'm just going to go out there and try my best and try to make his life a little tougher.

Q. You haven't played him in a couple years, but have you seen, watched, heard, how has he improved that much? What is he doing that much better than everyone else the last couple years?
TOMMY HAAS: Well, I can probably tell you more about that after I play him, and then I'll see if his balls are even more heavy. Obviously he moves unbelievable on the court and makes very few unforced errors and has just so much spin and power on the ball that it's really tough to play your own game.
That's really the key: Trying to be aggressive and trying to come in. He seems to always have an answer and is just such a good competitor. When this guy has confidence as well with just winning every tournament that he's been playing the last five or six or whatever, you know, it's going to be tough.
But you know that going into it, and you just try to figure out a good game plan and hope for the best and hope you can play some of your own best tennis and then see what happens.

Q. On a day like today after a win like that, would you almost have rather have played the match? Do you feel better getting the day of rest, or would you feel better having completed the match?
TOMMY HAAS: I mean, in the end, like I said, it's never good to win this way. Overall that's just the way it is. I went out and on the court and played another half and hour, 45 minutes. Tough conditions out there right now. It's a little bit windy and looks like it could rain any minute.
So, you know, overall I'm just pleased to be in the third round. The first match against Youzhny was a very tight one and a very good one for me. Happy to be here and having another chance to play maybe Nadal. He has to win tonight first anyway.

Q. You going to watch any of that match tonight?
TOMMY HAAS: I might, yeah.

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