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July 30, 2008

Maria Kirilenko


S. DUBOIS/M. Kirilenko
6-2, 2-6, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What would be your biggest regret about the match? If you could change something, what would you do different?
MARIA KIRILENKO: I think I start not good today. Like I made a lot of mistakes. Then in the second set, each game was very, very tight. You know, like always advantage, like deuce. I won four games in a row these tight games. I mean, I start to play much better in the second set.
And I think in the third set, we both played very good. You know, every game was also so close. I was up 5-4 and I was serving with the new balls and I should have, I think, done like this game because I missed two balls in the volley. One is long, another one short one. So I should have don't make this, especially with this score. I think it was my mistake, my big mistake.
Anyway, I was trying till the match is over. But maybe today she was better than me.

Q. It seems like overall you're a better player than her, better strokes, but she's very strong mentally. Did you feel that?
MARIA KIRILENKO: Yeah, I mean, she was strong with the legs, you know. She was moving so good from the beginning till the end of the match. I felt that she's ready by physical condition.
Me, I was with my legs a little bit tired. I got so tight in my legs. For me moving was very difficult. But, anyway, it's not excuse.
Also, like the people who are supporting her, you know, the fans, that was like so loud today. But I understand they wanted her to win, so you couldn't do anything with that.

Q. Did you feel they were unfair?
MARIA KIRILENKO: No, no, no. Nothing is unfair. It's fair, you know, when the people wants to win the player from this country. Of course, it's right to don't make attention for the people. But, well, it's always like this. For me, I can say it was difficult to play like with the people.
But she played good actually today.

Q. Have you played in those conditions before, with a crowd that much for your opponent?
MARIA KIRILENKO: You know, never. I never had this situation. No, maybe in Fed Cup, you know, when we played against Belgium in Belgium, when I played with Kim Clijsters. The people were like also so loud. But it's Fed Cup, you know, play for your country.
No, I mean, it's not excuse for me with the people. It's just she was better today.

Q. Did you know much about her before the match?
MARIA KIRILENKO: No, I didn't know her, like how she's playing. But I heard from my coach. I was practicing once with her on the clay court. And also I saw the results here, and she always have a good results here at home, so... In other tournaments when we was playing the same tournaments, she didn't play well. She always lose like first round of something. But at home she play good.

Q. What did your coach tell you to look for from her?
MARIA KIRILENKO: Well, he told me that actually her backhand, like she doesn't do a lot with her backhand. But she doesn't miss a lot of backhands. So then I decided to change to play to her forehand (smiling).
Well, maybe some points I wasn't so aggressive, you know, just waiting, and she made some winners. I think for me, from my side, I needs to be more aggressive. I tried to come to the net. I won a lot of points in the net. I think everything, when I came to the net, I won all.
These two balls which I lose, this was important.

Q. The overhead you missed in the tiebreak, was that a good lob or you just missed it?
MARIA KIRILENKO: Just when I miss it, I just felt my legs, you know, like.

Q. Collapse?
MARIA KIRILENKO: No. Like I have a bubble gum here (the bottom of her shoe). I couldn't move. I did something with the hand, but it was a terrible smash.

Q. Are you very disappointed?
MARIA KIRILENKO: I mean, of course I'm very disappointed because I wanted to win so much today. Well, so it's like this, you know. Some day you win, some day you lose. So just I needs to practice more and concentrate on the next tournament.

Q. Are you still wearing the Stella McCartney clothes?
MARIA KIRILENKO: Yes, as you can see. Even I came in my skirt.

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