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July 27, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. Jim, as defending champion, your thoughts on this week here?
JIM FURYK: Well, I felt like all in all it was a decent week. I had a lot of opportunities. I squandered a bunch of opportunities today.
You know, I'm happy about having a pretty solid week. I'm a little disappointed because I had the opportunity, especially today, to shoot a pretty low number and get myself, maybe not into the golf tournament winning, but get in there in the top 5, 6, 7th place. You know, so it's a little of both. I feel like my game's in a decent spot, but I'm a little frustrated.

Q. How did you find the conditions, the stopping and the starting?
JIM FURYK: Well, some guys tried to get some sleep, whatever it may be. Everyone's got to deal with it. So the more irritated you get by it, the more frustrated you get, and the worse off you are when you get back to the golf course. Just sit around and wait for the call.
Usually, you sit around for a long time, and it's quick, hurry up, you've got to be on the tee in 50 minutes, and everyone's rushing out. I try to get out there and keep at a nice slow pace and not get overly excited or overly down about it, and grind it out.

Q. When you see what Chez is doing out there, is there a point this weekend, maybe a three-peat isn't in the cards for you?
JIM FURYK: You just keep your head down and keep trying. I felt like, you know, I knew I was pretty far behind.
I was interested when I was 11 under at one time today and they were back at 14. I ended up not playing well from there, a couple over. They're, of course, going the other way.
I felt like today if I could have gotten it to 3 or 4 under on the front and gotten it to 11 or 12, and turned around and played a good back nine, I would have posted a number 16 or something, shoot 63 today. Maybe an outside chance.
But I wasn't worried about it too much. You've got so much on your mind trying to shoot that number and playing well. I just kind of kept my head down. Didn't really worry about what they were doing and tried to play well.

Q. There was lots of talk about you as defending Canadian Open Champion, two in a row. The fact that a lot of people seem to think you went above and beyond what a normal champion would do, going to the Pro-Am thing, the check, and all that good stuff. What did the stretch mean to you, and are we going to see you back next year? Is this a regular stop now?
JIM FURYK: As far as going above and beyond, I don't really think I did anything that special. I came back to defend the championship, which I've always said I think you should do. As far as showing up Monday on on the Pro-Am, Steve caddied for me for four years. I know his family. I shouldn't say I know his daughter, but obviously I remember the day she was born I met her. I didn't do anything special by showing up and playing golf just like everyone else did.

Q. But you showed up to the Pro-Am. I know the RCGA must have been pleased with what you did there. It wasn't expected?
JIM FURYK: Like I said, it's not that big of a deal. It's something you should do. You're tired, so what. Just move on. I was happy to do it. I got to see Sierra, got to hang out with her at dinner. She even came out to watch a little bit today. It was nothing special.
As far as the future coming back, to finish up your question, winning twice here it will always have a special place. What I'm going to look at is the golf course we're playing at and how special it is for me. How good I think my opportunity is to win. If I'm going back to Hamilton, and Shaughnessy and St. Georges.

Q. Did you like St. Georges?
JIM FURYK: I've never been there. But I keep hearing how much it's like Hamilton and it's a good, classic golf course. The more often we're on golf courses like that, the more often I'll come back and play this event and try to win.

Q. So you're here again next year. What were your thoughts on this one? I know it's a long-hitter's golf course.
JIM FURYK: I make no bones about it. I don't dislike this golf course, but it's not my favorite on Tour.
The fairways are very, very wide. The greens are high. I feel like I can win here if I play well, but it's not a golf course I target at the start of the year as right down my alley.
So I'll wait and see and see how my year's going and where it fits in next year. But if we were at Hamilton next year, I'd say see you next year.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
JIM FURYK: I think about mid '94 to early '99, it was about four and a half years.

Q. Is there one main memory that you take out of being two-time champion? Is it maybe just hanging out with Sierra? You know?
JIM FURYK: From this week?

Q. Just from your two years here?
JIM FURYK: This is the year, though, that I -- I don't understand the question. Because I won the last two years, but this is the year I got to see Sierra. So you're kind of putting me off.

Q. Is there one thing that stands out from this championship?
JIM FURYK: Just what flashed through my mind was three-putting the last hole at Angus Glenn. But that shouldn't be it.
But, honestly, any time you get to hoist a trophy ask win a golf tournament, it's a special moment and proud. To be able to defend the title, I've only done it twice in my career.
I did it at Las Vegas once, so I think that's pretty cool. To do it on two different golf courses makes it that much harder. At least you get to go back to the same course where you have great memories and a good feel, it feels a little better. Would have made three here, it would have been even more special coming to a third different course.

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