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July 27, 2008

Greg Norman


Q. How much have you enjoyed being in the thick of it the last few weeks?
GREG NORMAN: Me game has improved, probably played better today than I did yesterday. It's just a tough day.

Q. Have you decided whether you'll play in the PGA Championship?
GREG NORMAN: No, I have not.

Q. Disappointed about the finish?
GREG NORMAN: Yeah, I played very well today. I actually felt like I played better today than I did yesterday and it seemed like the last three days it's slowly improved. Hit a lot of great iron shots, even the one into 17 I hit very well, and just the golfing gods were not on my side the last couple of weeks.

Q. Tough to put a grade, but in your two weeks here, you've played so well how have you enjoyed it?
GREG NORMAN: I enjoyed it on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10, enjoyed every step, loved it. From a scoring standpoint, I haven't enjoyed that. I felt like I've played a lot better than what my scores indicated, and just didn't work out.

Q. When you don't play for a while like you have, what's the part of your game that needs the most work to get back to where it was?
GREG NORMAN: As I said last week my shot-making, I was shaping the ball, I was doing that beautifully today, just hitting the perfect flight. I think from the perspective of playing, this has helped me and I'm feeling better and better.
You know what, I don't know where I finished, but I finished well on the weekend, but go back to the United States and see if the golfing gods like me better over there.

Q. You have said that the business side has gotten the juices flowing like playing competitive golf, now playing so well the last two weeks, does it get the juices flowing more?
GREG NORMAN: No, I wanted to play well and I focused strong enough in my mind to start the week last week. My juices are flowing and my expectations, are they to go out there and play every week? No, I don't want to do that. I enjoy what I'm doing and I'm peaceful in my mind and I know the scores will start getting lower and lower. It's got to happen, you can't keep playing well and not shoot low scores.
What will be, will be, and if it works out, great.

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