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July 27, 2008

Bruce Vaughan


STEVE TODD: Many congratulations for winning, very dramatic day today. Just like to get your thoughts on it.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: You know, I felt pretty good about it today. Started off, I hit it pretty good. You know, I hit a good shot on one and made that and then hit a good shot at 2 and missed that.
You know, I played pretty solid all the way around, and John was playing good, he really was. He hit it really good and was putting good and he had me by, what, three or so after ten holes. You know, we both made good putts on 10 for pars.
And then on 11 I thought his ball was in the bush, I really did, because they waited for so long to lift up the flag, and I thought, man, he's in the bush, got me by three, and I really hit a great tee shot there. That's the scariest tee shot in golf I think right there on the 11th tee, and especially under the circumstances and stuff. I hit a good tee shot there, and he chipped out and he missed it to the right and he made double and I made par, and so was only one back.
If I ever play here again, I'm skipping that 12th hole. I hit four good tee shots into that hole and I played it with a 7 and three 5s. I don't know what happened on that hole. Yesterday we had the bad yardage there, but you know, I didn't gain any ground and he made bogey, too.
14, I struggled hitting it left-to-right off the tee, or my second shots into the greens and stuff and timing just wasn't there. I pulled it a little bit. I was trying to cut it and that was just an impossible lie where I had it there on 14. I didn't even think I hit it that far.
I made bogey and I'm a couple back and I look on the board and I think Bernhard and Eduardo were at six or five or something at the time, and now I'm thinking, okay, just try to hang on for second.
Then I hit a good shot on 15 and hit a good putt. It just didn't break.
On 16, I had a good wedge, good number for the wedge on 16, and I pulled it a little bit. And I watched John's putting it come up short, and I thought it was going to be really slow because the grass is really green right there. I hit a good putt there. I just told myself, this is the time, now or never, and I just stayed down on it and released it down there at the bottom and it was perfect, centre cup.
So now I'm back in the game. On 17, I had a good putt there on 17. I thought it was going to go left a little bit and it just stayed there.
Then I seen where Bernhard must have bogeyed somewhere and Eduardo bogeyed 18, and John played yesterday and hit it right off 18 tee and I hit a really good shot there and just pulled that 6-iron. Was just trying to cut it in there just a little bit and let the wind move in there over a bit and pulled it.
I was surprised that he putted it on 18, I really did. I think if he had to do it again, I don't think he would putt that shot. And he left it way short and I'm thinking, man, I could make this and it could be over. I was just working on the line so hard, it was downhill and a little bit downwind and I left it three feet short. I go, what are you thinking, you know.
And then he missed that and now I've got to make this to make some more. I practise a lot on those putts and I just poured that right in, and then 18, I hit three of the best shots I hit in the tournament on 18. I hit a good drive, a good little 5-iron in there, and just centre-cut that putt on 18.
Now the tide's turned. He's got to make that to extend the playoff, and I think he hit a good putt, maybe broke a little more than he expected or something. You know, change of events there, because he was way up and stuff, and I just hung in there.
STEVE TODD: Biggest paycheck of your career and as well you get extension into U.S. Senior Open next week, just what does this mean?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: You know, the money's great, because I've had problems with my knee and haven't been able to play much for a long time. You know, I just kind of was biding my time waiting to get out here because I thought I could play out here.
Last year, what I went through to get to where I was at this year, able to play, and stuff, money is great, but you know, until you win, you're just another player. To me, it's all about winning and stuff. The money's great, but you know, you only get a few of these.
STEVE TODD: And to win a major championship, as well, is obviously even more special.
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah, and especially over here. This is where golf originated, you know, and like I told you the other day, you've got to come here. There's only a handful of majors to play in the country and to come over here; we get spoiled at home. Here, you have lies that are out there that the ball is two feet above you or two feet below you and little pot bunkers, and they are only little bitty things but they play so big and stuff. It's amazing how the balls end up in those little pot bunkers.

Q. Did you ever doubt you could do this?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: You've got to believe you can. You never give up, or I don't ever give up, anyway. I don't care how many you're back. You know, out here, you know, one bad swing you can make double in a heartbeat out here. Unfortunately that happened there on 11. And I hit a good tee shot.
For the most part, I drove it pretty good today but my irons are struggling with the timing on my irons, I was missing a few to the right and missing a few to the left and stuff, and just, you know, I come on 18 in, that playoff, it was one of the best 5-irons I've hit in a while.

Q. Were you nervous today --
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yesterday I was so calm yesterday and today I was the same way. I didn't start getting nervous until probably about, I don't know -- after I made bogey on 12, now I'm thinking, now you've got yourself behind the 8-ball and you've got to play. You've got six holes left to redeem yourself and you know, got nervous coming down 18. Especially after he kind of opened the door a little bit on 18. Eduardo made bogey and it's just him and I. Maybe that's the reason why I pulled the 6-iron in regulation or stuff, just got a little quick.
In the playoff, I wasn't. Like I say, I hit three of best shots of the week was right there on that hole.

Q. This gets you into next week --
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Truthfully I don't even know if I'm going to play next week. I wasn't in next week and my wife and boy are driving over and we're going to the mountains for a week.

Q. Can they still do that --
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I'm sure they are because they are already headed that way. (Laughter).

Q. Is it even more special, with players like Tom Watson Bernhard Langer, Greg Norman, the fact that you held them off?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Yeah, it sure does. You know, I mean, look how good Greg played last week. I'm sure it was a little bit of a letdown and stuff but still hung in there and still played good here.
You know, and Tom, I mean, Tom is legend where I'm from.

Q. If you don't play next week -- next year's open is Turnberry, so will you be back here?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Sure, I'll be here. That's the first place I ever played was at Turnberry. I calm over here in '94 when Price won and absolutely fell in love with it, except for Friday's tee time. Took me an hour and a half to go two miles. I eventually got out at the stop by the first green and ran down the driveway and I made it with about 15 minutes before I teed off, and I left an hour and 45 minutes before.

Q. You were worried you would miss your tee time?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I almost did. Made it by about 15 minutes and had I shoes in the clubhouse, had to run in there to get my shoes.
So I'll be trying to find a little closer place to stay next year.

Q. What's the situation with --
BRUCE VAUGHAN: We don't have that much time. No, six surgeries in less than three years and had a partial knee put in two times. The physios really helped me out this week keeping it loose.
You know, at home what I normally do is I'll walk nine and trade off back and forth with Mark, my caddie, for nine holes. In the majors I have to walk every day, and the walking is what kills it. The swing doesn't bother it. It's just the load-bearing of actually walking on it and stuff is what hurts my knee the most.

Q. How long do you have left --
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I keep winning, I'm going to keep playing. You know, it's okay. It's tolerable. It hurts, but I can live with the pain. Some days it's worse than the others and some days it's fine. It feels great right now. (Laughing)

Q. Have you spoken to your wife yet?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I'm going to go call her right now and see what she says, but imagine I probably won't play. Another week of walking and up-and-down the his there in Colorado and stuff. You know, I'm exempt now, so I don't have to play next week where before, yeah, you know, I wanted to play every week I can get in.
And we've got a week off after that and we have another major right behind that walking, too. I think I'll enjoy this and sit up there in the mountains and have fun.
STEVE TODD: Thank you and congratulations again.

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