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July 27, 2008

Tommy Tolles


Q. Did you see people coming back to you?
TOMMY TOLLES: When I made the turn, Bill Lunde made bogey pretty early and went back to six. This is my sixth trip around here and every time the greens get harder and harder and harder, and after the rain in the beginning of the week, we thought it would get its revenge. With a little bit of sunlight it makes greens really, really hard. The greens are not exactly golfer-friendly. The ball tends to bounce away from the hole rather than bounce towards it. So as far as getting those easy birdie opportunities, you are lucky to get one or two all week.
That was a pretty poor putt -- just right center, got it started outside the hole. I had three decent birdie opportunities on 15, 16, 17 and left it a little short. Got it more focused on speed and alignment and a lot of players will tell you that speed is everything and if you don't get it started online, speed will tell you that it's not that important.

Q. You have to be happy with the round considering the conditions and disappointed with the last hole but you have to be pretty happy.
TOMMY TOLLES: I think that's the benefit of starting a couple hours before the leaders. Yesterday was almost the same position, and by the time we got to I want to say about 12 on, it was almost virtually impossible to lay the ball in the front of the green and have control of it from there.
It didn't really matter what you were hitting in. Yesterday I hit sand wedge from almost 130 yards but I'm just looking at whatever can carry the bunkers and hopefully it will come up to the back of the green, and there's a lot of those situations the last couple of days.
Unfortunately for the leaders, they are not going to be so lucky and the greens are getting firmer and firmer; and fortunate for me I got a couple hours head start, and the greens are not receptive but they are close.

Q. Does that make you feel good now finishing at this number?
TOMMY TOLLES: To be honest with you, as good as I played on the back nine -- I missed a fairly easy birdie opportunity at 12, and ran it right over the edge of the cup on 13. 14, I had a putt from about 15 feet and then 16 and 17 missed some very, very easy -- 15 and 16, very easy putts and opportunity on 17 and you saw the one on 18.
Typically with a little bit of aggression -- because the ones I left short were looking pretty good. I could have posted 6 or 7 or 8.

Q. You might have more name recognition out here -- what's the difference in your game compared to ten years ago?
TOMMY TOLLES: That little 6-footer, there was a day where I looked at it one time, and maybe the speed was a little off and the line was a little off but I would make seven out of ten times but had a lot of confidence to where I thought would I make it the first time which was most important.
Now I wish I had an answer for you, but they don't go in like they used to.

Q. Does that get into your psyche?
TOMMY TOLLES: Well, yes and yes. I don't see how we can have the same attitude as I had ten years ago when I was making them, and now I'm missing them. There has to be a little bit -- inaudible -- all of the sports psychologists and friends and family and some of my colleagues out here will sit here and tell you, you have to put it all behind you.
It's really tough, I wish it was one of those things you could take an eraser and get rid of the memories but that's what memories are, they are embedded in the back of your brain forever.

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