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July 26, 2008

Bruce Vaughan


BRUCE VAUGHAN: I was playing good. We were 4-under thru eight holes and then we made a mistake on the ninth tee. I hit the wrong club off the tee and I had to chip out and we ended up making bogey. I missed a short one at No. 10 and got a lucky break at No. 11 where my ball ended up, but I hit a bad shot and made another bogey. At No. 12 I hit a good shot but got the wrong yardage and I tried to chip it up, but I flew it clear over by 30 yards. My caddie and I looked at each other and he was on the 13th hole and not No. 12. But it's kind of my fault, too. I had almost a similar shot from that spot yesterday. It was frustrating, but we hung in there and made a few putts coming in. To go around here under par; its playing good.
It was pretty good to battle back from those four straight bogeys in the middle of the round. I hit the wrong club on No. 9, missed a short one at 10 and messed up on 11. Then we had the yardage wrong at No. 12. It was a battle after that but we settled down and I made a couple of birdies and turned it around. I played good golf today.
I looked at the board just before I putted at No. 18 and said to myself I had to make the putt to be in the last group. I made a good putt there and it went in and I'm right there where I need to be. I felt good today. That 9th hole just got us on a bad run, but we turned it around.

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