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July 26, 2008

Angela Park


THE MODERATOR: You had a great round. You've had just a great tournament so far. One bogey in 54 holes which is very impressive. Just final third round, with three straight birdies to take a 1-stroke lead. Pretty exciting.
ANGELA PARK: I think I'm more amazed at myself. Because I was playing mediocre throughout the whole round, then I told myself, still got three holes, you still got four holes left and it's pretty legitimate easy holes coming in, so you can get enough birdies out there.
I didn't see anyone go extremely low, so I tried to stay positive, and it came around.
THE MODERATOR: That's great. We'll take questions for Angela.

Q. How many times in your career were you in first position before the last round?
ANGELA PARK: I don't know.
THE MODERATOR: We could probably look that up. I can look that up and get that stat for you.
ANGELA PARK: I don't remember. I don't want to remember. Because obviously I haven't won.

Q. (Question about strategy.)
ANGELA PARK: No, I have no strategy so far. But just hit fairs and greens and be patient out there.
Like I said, I was very patient out there today and nothing went in the first couple holes, and I kept telling myself that you can't hurry anything, and sooner or later it will come around.
So I think tomorrow even if I have a good start or bad start it doesn't matter but I'm just going to stay out there, stay focused and stay patient. Hopefully everything will come around.

Q. You have the double nationality, Korea and Brazil. Have you asked for American nationality as well?
ANGELA PARK: I actually have a double nationality for America and Brazil. Not Korean. My parents are Korean, but I have double nationality for Brazil and America.
THE MODERATOR: You recently became an American citizen in June?
ANGELA PARK: Uh-huh. A month and a half, two months ago.

Q. The American nationality is recent?
ANGELA PARK: Yes. Two months ago.

Q. We were just talking with Candie on the same subject about getting your American passport. I mean, how do you feel American? What's the difference? Why did you want to do it?
ANGELA PARK: Well I have been living here since I was eight. So I've been growing up with basically three different cultures. American and Koreans are a lot more different cultures. But I felt that I needed it because obviously I'm going to spend the rest of my life here and it's great country to be living in. And I don't know I it was just an automatic decision. It wasn't a hard decision at all. I felt like it was the right thing to do and I told my dad and he was like yeah that's a good idea so that's what we did.

Q. Do you speak Portuguese? And which bits of Brazilian culture or attitude stay with you?
ANGELA PARK: Wi. (Laughter.)
I don't know just a lot, especially the food. It's really good. The people there are very different from where I go. Because everyone there is very light hearted. They don't rush things of the they the don't worry about things. They're very generous. So I really miss that about Brazil.
And I miss a lot of my family because they're all back in Brazil. So I go there about once a year. Hopefully I'll be able to go more often.
THE MODERATOR: You were in Brazil until you were eight and moved to the United States?

Q. Can I ask you to talk about your parents please, which Korea are they from?
ANGELA PARK: South Korea.

Q. With Angela do you have another Korean name?
ANGELA PARK: Korean name? Uh-huh. It's Hye-in.
THE MODERATOR: Then talking about your parents a little bit, what they did, and how they got to Brazil?
ANGELA PARK: I don't know how they got to Brazil. On an airplane. (Laughter.) But it was obviously -- I wasn't born yet. I think it was because Korea was having such a hard time at that time so my decide decided it would be better to raise the kids back in Brazil. He took action. He took the whole family there. The because actually my grandpa was born in north Korea. So then it was kind of hard to live life there. So it was my dad's decision and you know.
THE MODERATOR: Looking ahead to tomorrow you don't want to get too far ahead of yourself but what do you think your experience of the past year and a half on tour has taught you going into tomorrow?
ANGELA PARK: I don't think I could put that in one word, but I've learned so much. I feel like I'm ten years older than last year. I don't know, it's been a tremendous experience. And especially traveling around the world and having people come out to watch you, and just the job itself. I wouldn't call it a job but my career itself for anybody with a career out here should be, you know, very precious and unforgettable. But I don't know I can't really tell you in one word but it's been a very blessing experience.
THE MODERATOR: Any other questions for Angela? Thank you all. Angela, good luck this weekend.
ANGELA PARK: Thank you.

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