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July 25, 2008

Daniel Nestor


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the elbow? I know you said the other day that this has been the first time in a while where you pretty much have been feeling 100% healthy. How does that look towards this tournament and towards the Olympics as well?
DANIEL NESTOR: Pretty good. Yeah, I've had pain-free situation with my arm for the whole year. No antiinflammatories, which is pretty nice. I actually felt it when I tried to hit the ball as hard as I could for the fans, one of the three balls I signed. I actually felt it in my elbow a little bit. I don't want to get carried away with that kind of stuff.
Yeah, it feels good. I feel a little tired from a lot of media responsibilities for the last couple weeks I think, going around the city doing different things and all that stuff.
Hopefully I can get some rest tonight and get ready to play tomorrow.

Q. Is this the first time you felt like Roger Federer, Daniel, with all the media attention?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yes, for sure. It's been great getting all this attention and winning Wimbledon.
But, you know, got to focus on tennis a little bit the last couple days. It slowed down, which is nice, but it was pretty hectic for about three or four days there.

Q. What was the key today to the match?
DANIEL NESTOR: Just hanging in there. Those guys served well. They're big hitters. We had some chances, and we didn't get frustrated when we didn't convert.
Finally we broke through in the last game they served in the second set. Yeah, even in the first set we served for the set - which happened last night - and we got broken.
So in those situations it's really important to stay focused. You know, it's easy to get frustrated. We haven't Nenad's serve in about three months, and all of a sudden we lost it three or four times in the last few matches. It's important to stay level headed and not get frustrated.

Q. You had all the big singles players in the doubles this event as well, but the top doubles guys seem to have risen to the top. What is it that makes you guys No. 1 all the time in these doubles events?
DANIEL NESTOR: I don't understand the question.

Q. Why are the top singles players no good? I mean, do you guys, the Bryans, et cetera, keep coming out on the top?
DANIEL NESTOR: Well, I think only the Bryans and us have been pretty consistent on the last two months. If you look at the race, we're two teams that are pretty far ahead of the No. 3 team.
So, you know, I guess, you know, for us it's just been the last two months, ten weeks, of playing really well. For them, they have been on top for five years, you know, dominating pretty much.
We're just trying to keep pace with them and play like we've been playing. Right now we're riding a hot streak, and we're going to try and keep that going.

Q. When you're all wiped out and tired out, are you staying at home this week or living the hotel life and leading the week like it would be a normal tour for you?
DANIEL NESTOR: No. I stay at home. You want me to elaborate?

Q. Yeah. Not in great detail. Do you drive yourself here?
DANIEL NESTOR: No. I get picked up. Gas prices are too expensive, so I take advantage of the free rides.

Q. I wanted to ask you, especially because you did well at the Grand Slams, Grand Slams is perhaps the only time in doubles that you're really part of that old tradition where there's points without the ads and you have to win the sets without tiebreakers. I just want to know if to some degree you get greater satisfaction in knowing that your victories come not because of modified rules that speed up doubles for the singles players, but in the old way that the traditional doubles teams did in the past?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah, for sure. We feel comfortable playing with the old scoring. In the big tournaments we feel like the better team is going to win two out of three regular sets and three out of five at Wimbledon.
So I think that's why you see a lot of the top teams at the end of -- you don't see as many upsets in the bigger tournaments like you do in some of these Masters Series and regular ATP events with the shortened version.
But as I said, being a little bit tired and rundown you appreciate the shorter matches in situations like this, so I'm not complaining.

Q. Once this tournament is over, what's your itinerary between now and the start of the Olympics? And how much practice are you going to get with your Olympic partner?
DANIEL NESTOR: Next week is Cincinnati, so it's pretty much the same event that's going on here. All the same guys are playing in Cincinnati.
As far as Freddy and I, we're going to meet up about a week before in Beijing and get ready for the event as best we can, which is just going to be practice.
We played an event in Indianapolis and that went pretty well. Right now it's just about practice and, you know, doing what we can on the practice court before the matches start.

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