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July 25, 2008

Bruce Vaughan


Q. Thoughts on your round today?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I played okay, not as good as yesterday obviously but I hit some decent shots. My knee was hurting a little bit out there to be honest. I had a work out this morning but I felt I stepped a little bit funny on the fourth tee and it was hurting after that.

Q. Did you feel something go then?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Not really, I just stepped a little funny and felt a little twinge. But I got lucky on 11. I didn't hit it real good and we had a long wait but my shot kind of jumped over all the rubbish so that was a little lucky. I got a little unlucky with a couple of other drives that ended up in some bad stuff but that's the way it goes. I didn't putt as well as I did the other day.

Q. What exactly is the problem with your knee?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Well I have had six operations in the past two years and have had a partial knee put in three times. I did have two pieces of metal in there but now I only have the one with a lot of polyurethane sort of stuff. It is my left knee which is why when it hurts a lot, I don't tend to play so well. But when I went out today I looked at the scores and I thought that level par would be a pretty good number so I am pretty pleased with that.

Q. It could be the biggest pay cheque of your career if you win here?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I know that but you can't really think about that at the moment, I mean there are still two days to play, we are only half the tournament over. You can only think about stuff like that when you get to Sunday night.

Q. Does it put more pressure on you?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Not really, I know I can play out here, it is just a matter of executing it.

Q. What was the last tournament you led at the halfway stage?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I don't know, I don't remember. I have had some good finishes but I have had some problems with my knee so I haven't really been playing that well until last year and so it is just good to be out here and competing with guys like who are in the field here.

Q. Have you surprised yourself at how well you've done here this week?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: No not really. You look at my scores in the last half of the year and I have been playing pretty good. A lot of it has been the putting which has let me down.

Q. There is a chance you might get to play with Tom Watson this weekend, what are your thoughts about that?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: I could do, but it's just golf isn't it, it's not brain surgery, we'll just go out and play.

Q. What would it mean to you to play with him as you have said he is a hero of yours?
BRUCE VAUGHAN: Well I would love to play with him obviously. I have had opportunities to play with him in practice obviously but he is just another guy trying to get the ball in the hole like I am. It would be fun but he is just another guy at the end of it. I was out on the course the other day before the tournament started just eyeing the course up and he came out but I just let him play through.

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