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July 25, 2008

Steve Marino


Q. 67 in the first round, 67 in the second round, but you finished the first round earlier today. How do you just keep going?
STEVE MARINO: I don't know. You know, I started to feel like I was playing a little bit better, and I was having some fun out there. It was a long day, but everybody has got to do it. I'd rather finish it up today than have to come back tomorrow morning.

Q. When you had to finish the first round or you were playing the first round late last night, you knew you had to get some dinner and get some sleep and have a long day today. How do you adjust your mindset to that?
STEVE MARINO: You know, you've just got to have a good attitude. You've got to be out here just enjoying yourself. I mean, everybody has got to deal with it. It's not like you're the only person that's got to deal with this mess.
You've just got to try to keep a positive attitude and just do the best you can.

Q. What is it you're liking the most about your game right now going into this week?
STEVE MARINO: What I haven't been doing well is driving the ball straight, and then I didn't drive it straight -- like I played six holes yesterday. I was driving it crooked. Then I came out this morning, and all of a sudden I started driving it long and straight. I'm pretty excited about it. I haven't been in the fairway too much lately. Hopefully I can keep it up the next two days.

Q. It's always fun to lift, clean and place your ball in the fairways.
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I mean, if you hit the fairway here, you're all set with lift, clean and place. You just want to keep it out of the rough. The rough is so thick and so wet. If you're not driving it in the fairway, you're definitely behind the 8-ball. You've just got to drive it straight.

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