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July 25, 2008

Ken Duke


NELSON SILVERIO: Ken Duke, thanks for spending a few minutes with us here in the media center. 67 today, capped it off with an eagle. Just get us started talking about the eagle and then just some thoughts on your round.
KEN DUKE: Yeah, it was good. I had a great number on the last hole and just had to hit a good 3-iron rescue club and came off perfect and went right in there. I made the putt.
Played good all day, and it's good to finish like that and keep the momentum going into tomorrow.

Q. I don't know that you can't quantify this, but when you're playing lift, clean and place and you've got the ball in your hand, is that worth a shot or two shots, or can you quantify that at all during your round?
KEN DUKE: I think it's worth more than that because it's not just getting the ball in your hand, it's when you hit the fairway with your driver, it stops instead of running out into the rough. That's a shot at least there. Then getting it in your hand is another shot, and then having a perfect lie could be another one. I think it weighs a little bit more than just a shot.
No question, we have to do that this week, we got so much rain. The rules officials have done a great job to keep it going. At least we played some holes yesterday, and it's getting better out there. It's getting drier.

Q. At any point did the wind pick up or anything to make it a little tougher today?
KEN DUKE: Oh, yeah, it's picking up. I think when we made the turn it was blowing pretty good. Even on 9 it was pretty good. The valley -- you get down in the valley, you don't know where it's going down there in the bottom. You think it's going one way and it's going the other. It's kind of tricky down there at the bottom.

Q. Don't take this the wrong way, but for a player such as yourself, what does it mean to have a tournament with a wide-open field and presenting this kind of opportunity this week?
KEN DUKE: Classify wide open. I mean, every golf tournament has great players in it. If you're relating to Tiger is not here, he never plays here hardly. This is a great field. Every week we have great fields. It's just great to be a part of the TOUR and to play for as much money as we're playing for.
It's just a great family out here. I don't know if it's a weaker field or not. Coming back from the British, a lot of guys don't play.
But everyone has their own schedule, that's the problem, out here. They pick and choose where they want to play, and that's just the way it is. Same with me. I pick my schedule, I want to play here, I love it up here, and that's why I'm here.

Q. You talked about it drying up a little bit. Are the greens firming up? Can you conceive that it's going to be anything but hit it at the pins this weekend?
KEN DUKE: They are firming up a little bit. I think the major issue on the poa annua is you get so much traffic on it and they're bumpy. It's not that it's firm or soft, it's just they get bumpy, and those four- or five-foot putts are not easy to make. You've got to get it on the right line and hope you get the right bounce. But they are firming up a little bit, yes, they are.
NELSON SILVERIO: Ken Duke, thank you.

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