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July 25, 2008

Angela Park


THE MODERATOR: Angela, another great round. You've moved yourself into first place at the Evian Masters. Are you feeling pretty confident about your game?
ANGELA PARK: Yeah, definitely. I played really solid the last two days. I didn't have any bogies. I think that was the major part of the last few days.
Putting very well, staying patient out there, which I don't do very well. But I'm learning, so.
THE MODERATOR: Can we go over your scorecard.
ANGELA PARK: Birdie on 6. I had about 140 yards 8-iron to 5 feet. Birdie on on 11, pitching wedge to 120 yards to 10 feet. Birdie on 17, 54-degree to 4 feet.
THE MODERATOR: What was that?
ANGELA PARK: 54-degree to 4 feet. 18, up-and-down in the bunker to about a foot.
THE MODERATOR: What did you hit in the bunker?
ANGELA PARK: I had 205; I hit a rescue.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Questions for Angela.

Q. You've had a great career already and you've done well in the majors, is it getting a little frustrating that you've not actually won yet?
ANGELA PARK: No, because everyone around me has told me stay patient. Sooner or later it will come. You can't force a win. You can't force anything in golf. So, no, not actually. I'm trying to learn a little bit and trying to stay patient.

Q. When we were talking to Helen earlier, she was joking her course record was one for the old women. It's going to be a nice contrast tomorrow with the two of you in the last pair. How have you viewed Helen in your career so far?
ANGELA PARK: It's a great honor to have a chance to play with Helen. I know she played really well at the Open. And I really look forward to it.
She's always been here more often than I have. I'm going on my second year. I'm really looking forward to it. I know we're going to have a lot of fun. She's a great person.

Q. If you can talk about what the course conditions were out there today? It was a little bit warmer. Was that any different effecting your game?
ANGELA PARK: No, I think it was better. It kept me loose a little bit. I think I have a little hard time when I'm cold and my body stiffens a little bit.
But the greens were really soft. I was really surprised especially being in the afternoon. So I hear there's supposed to be rain tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to trying to attack the pins again.

Q. Are you pretty comfortable with your round? A bogey-free round which was incredible?
ANGELA PARK: That's the thing. I couldn't make any birdie putts but I hit all my par putts. I hit it by 5 or 6 feet and I'll make it. I think it's just about having the mindset correct when I'm over the ball, not about my stroke and being ticked off or anything like that.

Q. The players that have played here for many years talk about how much they love the course and how much they like the venue. Are you getting the feel for that? Are you falling in love with this event?
ANGELA PARK: Yeah, definitely. Especially the view that I get from my hotel room. It's really nice, you wake up in the morning and you see the whole lake.
You know, I didn't like it last year because I didn't play very well. But I'm starting to like it a lot after these two days.

Q. Talk about playing with Lorena Ochoa.
ANGELA PARK: Honestly, I was a little nervous. Little intimidated because we all know she's a really great player. But as everyone knows she's really nice as a person and as a player. So it was a lot of fun. I was really calm after like five holes, but it was fun.
THE MODERATOR: Angela, good luck tomorrow.

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