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July 24, 2008

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/J. Acasuso
6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Another win today. How many in a row is this for you, and have you ever been on this hot a roll of tennis?
GILLES SIMON: It's eight victory in a row. It's the first time I won eight match in a row, so that's a good point for me.

Q. How does it feel?
GILLES SIMON: It feels nice. I actually feel tired, but I suppose you just can't win eight match in a row without be tired at the end.
I tried to win the next match, too. Like I said, I'm so confident. I'm tired, but I play without pressure. I just try to give the best every match, and I try to keep like this until the end.

Q. What kind of reaction have you had to your victory over Roger last night either from family or friends or from other tennis players?
GILLES SIMON: Like I said, it's very hard because you can't enjoy it. The tournament is not finished.
It's not like if you defeated Roger in the final. Then you can say, Okay, I don't play the next tournament, I don't play for one year if you don't want.
But, no, I just finished the match and it was 10:00. Then I have to rest, I have to hit, I have to go back to the hotel, the massage and everything. I had to sleep only at 1:00, and then I have the match 12:00 this morning.
I have no time to enjoy it yet. I just want to win every match. Like I said, I'm doing everything to win, so no time to party.

Q. You talked about how tired you were. Were you able to get much sleep after beating the world No. 1?
GILLES SIMON: It was hard. Yeah, I was tired so I really wanted to sleep, but every time I close my eyes I have so many things about the match.
No, really it was not a good night for me, but...
I mean, that was just unbelievable to defeat him. I really wanted to win today, because if you defeat Roger and then you lose the match right after it's not the same. If I'm still in the tournament, I'm still dreaming.

Q. You played Roger last night. Was the adrenaline still going for this match today, early this afternoon?
GILLES SIMON: Like I said, it was hard to rest, but when you defeat Roger you are so confident.
The start of the match was very important today. I had to move my legs. It was harder to move than usual.
Yes, with the confidence I didn't lose so many power. I really felt no pressure on this match. That's what is nice when you defeat a player like Roger. After, when you are on the court, you just think that you can defeat everybody.
That's why I played a great match today, even if I was tired, even if the recuperation was not so good, just with my tennis and with the confidence.

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