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July 24, 2008

Angela Stanford


Q. Did you think after shooting 5 under, did you think you could have gone lower?
ANGELA STANFORD: I didn't expect 5 under, I guess. I drove it really well today. Got myself some good shots off the tees. Had a lot of wedges in my hand. Really didn't have to hit many out of the rough today.
Around here, if you can put yourself on the fairway and give yourself a good look at it, you have pretty good chances.

Q. How were the (indiscernible) fairways today?
ANGELA STANFORD: 12 for first.

Q. Have you done well on this course? Do you do well on tight fairways?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think I did well last year here. When I say I drove it well, I guess I drove it well on the holes I haven't in the past.
So there are a few fairways that I missed. They weren't really fairways that I necessarily needed to hit. But the ones I needed to hit that I haven't hit in the past, were good today.

Q. So what do you think on this course is the key to keep going well for four days?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think driving the ball well. Because I felt the pin placements were accessible today, and I think they can put them in spots that aren't accessible. So they just have to be on the fairway.

Q. Is this going to be difficult with the travel coming over here and getting ready for next week? Do you find yourself getting ready for next week or do you just need to stay?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'll stay in the moment right now. I need to stay in the moment (laughing).

Q. What are you looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend?
ANGELA STANFORD: I think for me right now I really just need to keep doing one day at a time. And, you know today's over. Good or bad, today's over. Tomorrow I'm just going to try to keep it on the fairways.

Q. Have you been working on your driver at all?
ANGELA STANFORD: Just my swing overall, I have. But I've had some pretty good form recently with my driver, so.

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